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Vitamin Intake Question


Alright, I'm probably going to get flamed for this question but here we go:

I decided (a week ago or so) that I will no longer invest into any grain products. Pasta, oatmeal, bread, etc. will no longer be part of my diet. There really is not a reason besides the fact that grains fill me up pretty quick for a long time and I cannot force myself to eat another meal for 4/5 hours after such a meal, leaving me with no room to get my 6 meals a day.

So my new diet consists of chicken, beef, fish, oils (olive and fish), fruits, and vegetables (I may throw in eggs and cottage cheese from time to time). Marco ratio is 40-30-30 P-C-F. My question is about the vitamins I am getting with this diet. I did a quick count and it looks like I'm getting something like 20g of potassium, 10x the daily recommendation of vit A, 2x of calcium, and 3x of vit b-6.

Also, I am not getting enough vit d and vit e. Will these percentages present any health risks for me? Also, do I need to watch out for getting too much of certain vitamins? I have been taking a multi every day for the past year but I think I'll stop that and just supplement with vitamin E.

Please excuse the poor writing of this post and let me know if you need me to expand on anything.



Well those numbers are the "recomended daily allowance" not the OPTIMAL amounts. You should have NO worry and hell it should be benefiial as long as your organs, Liver, kidneys etc are in healthy working order. You will simply piss away the excess. If your worried do the diet for a month and get the levels checked.

I do the SAME diet hell just fruit a day I have two WHOLE pineapples, 1 whole pappaya, a mango, an apples, 1-3 bananas, maybe a pear. Only difference is I do still have my old fashioned oats in the morn. ALL my levels were/are great on two test as of recent. Oh well potassium was a bit high but I ate three bananas an hour prior to the last blood draw and was hitting the weights HARD two a days.

and yes I take a multi.

Hope that helps, great choice in diet IMO



Thanks a lot for your response! That is what I was planning on doing (trying for a month or so). I haven't gotten any bloodwork done lately, but the last time I did, everything was fine.


Sounds good man. That type of natural diet has done me wonders in both adding quality mass and health. best of luck


The only vitamins I take are Animal Pak from Universal. It has everything in it, its a packet with about 10-12 pills. I take one packet in the morning with 8 oz OJ.
If I feel a cold coming on, I add some additional vitamin C but thats it.

I would keep the oats in my diet. I fill up quickly from that as well but I think it is b/c of the water/milk I mix it with. So rather than eating it, I drink it, you can get it down before your body even realizes it. Throw in some protein powder, 1/2-1 cup oats in a shaker, add some water and chug it. It is not so bad. Good luck.