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Vitamin E & Fish Oil

Hi I’m using Twinlabs extra strength fish oil caps nowadays and each serving contains about 63% RDA of vitamin E while contains about 1.8g of EPA+DHA. Now I consume about 3 to 4 servings a day and was just wondering if that much vitamin E would have any detrimental effects on my liver?
Any comments?

Silver, RDA is exceedingly low. The numbers/recommendations are over 40 years old and have never been updated. RDA is the amount you need to keep from getting a deficiency disease, but is not what is typically recommended for “optimal” health.

Recommended intake of Vitamin E runs 400-800 IUs. How much Vitamin E is in the fish oil capsules you’re taking?

I think vitamin E is a fat soluble vitamin so it would take a long time to clear the body. However, that being said RDA is always the bare minimum just like the RDA of protein. But who consumes the RDA of protein. NO one!! everyone consumes more. That being said I haven’t really answered your question because I don;t know the answer but my thinking is that if you can find fish oil caps without the vtamin E but with the same or higher level of EPA/DHA then that would be better. If you are eating a balanced diet and taking a multi then there probably really is no need for extra vitamin E and it might cause a problem over time because of the accumulation in the body. Hope someone else can give you a more definitive answer.
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You can have up to 1 gram of vitamin E. More then that can cause problems. I doubt exceeding this in a single day would cause problems, but continuously might be bad. Vitamin E thins blood, and over 1 gram seems to interact badly with things like asprin.

Too much of anything can and will be detrimental. Vitamin E is fat soluble and can be stored, that is true. Very large amounts exceeding 1000 IU’s a day would probably be what it takes to do that. Not the miniscule amount added to fish oil caps.

Do NOT look for fish oil without vitamin E if there even is such a product. The whole reason the E is in there anyways is because it keeps it from being oxidized because omegas are so highly prone to oxidation.

On another note… just about vitamin E… it is not just a one type thing… there are several variations of vitamin E, that work synergistically. What most people get is the alpha tocopherol version of E… You should really look for a vitamin E complex with alpha, beta, and most importantly gamma tocopherols. Twinlab makes a nice complex. Good Luck