Vitamin Deficiencies

How would i know if i have a deficiency in any vitamins/minerals?

Are there any signs, or things like that that could hint to a deficiency in vitamin?

What are some things that can deplete ur system of these vitamins?

THanks alot


Get a comprehensive blood test. Also, read up on the subject. There is a ton of info that you can read for free on the web. I would wager that unless you have an underlying condition you are not deficient but may not have the optimum level of certain nutrients to allow for max performance. An interesting place to start is the B vitamins, particularly B12.

Unless you have a reason to believe that you might be deficient, don’t worry about it. The chances are that you’re fine.

If anything, just focus on improving the quantity and variety of your fruit and vegetable intake.

Thanks alot guys

Different vitamin/mineral deficiencies show different signs…

The symptoms of vitamin deficiences are varied to a great degree. Best way to start is google up a few intelligent nutrition websites that list in detail the functions/deficiency symptoms/toxic levels/daily requirement of each vitamin. You’ll find each has its strentgh and an achilles heel.

Are you thriving, physically? Are you recovering from workouts? Are you sleeping well? Is your mind sharp and focussed? Are you digesting your food properly? Is your diet balanced and consistent and nutritious? Do you eat lots of veggies and unrefined foods?

If you answered ‘yes’ to all of these questions, you’ve got your bases covered. Although I still think some basic mineral, antioxidant and fatty acid supplements can be beneficial for most people.

Some naturopathic doctors and chiropractors have nutritional profile sheets you can fill out to find out if you’re eating the right variety of foods to cover all your nutritional needs. If you really want to get serious about good nutrition, talk to a naturopathic doctor - I’d recommend that over seeing a dietician or nutritionist any day (they pretty much stick to the highly outdated ‘food guide’ and you can get basic info like that for free anywhere).

Try some vitamin k or vitamin b-17.