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Vitamin D3 on Cycle?


Just saw a video from EA that this stuff can aid in building muscle and has some effect on the androgen receptor. I don’t know if these guys are purely broscience or not, but, they are one of just a handful of groups on YouTube that put information out about steroids which gives them some credibility.

They said it’d be best to take pharma grade stuff as opposed to OTC.

If this is true, and a D3 supplementation would work wonders on a B&C, what should the dosing be? I can get my hands on 0.25 μg, 0.5 μg, 1 μg or 3 μg tablets (which far exceeds anything Nature Made can provide for the cost, too).

Does anyone supplement with D3? Would it be effective on cycle (B&C) or would I even notice anything?

If I do go the D3 route, I’m going to check to see if I’m depleted or in sub-optimal ranges to begin with.

Just getting everything in order so it’s a quick in and out the next visit.



@Chris_Colucci - I posted this in Pharma because I’m asking in regards to those that supplement with D3 on the basis that they’ve experimented with it on cycle or use it during their B&C. I don’t know if supplements is the appropriate section for this… sorry if so; it just seemed that the two topics collided.


I’m guessing more people take D who don’t cycle, so you’d get more general input in Supps/Nutrition, and there have been plenty of threads discussing it there before.

If you’re looking specifically at how it affects guys on cycle, go for it.