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Vitamin D

interesting article thought I would share. It states supplementing with Vitamin D may actually do more harm than good with autoimmune diseases.


Latitudes with less sunlight and lower vit-D levels have higher levels of auto immune diseases. One’s immune system is more effective with adequate vit-D levels and weaker with lower vit-D levels.

However, once an autoimmune disease is in place, treatments often use drugs that suppress the immune system. RA is a classic example. However, this leaves one prone to infections and perhaps cancers. In these cases, perhaps it does make sense to not take higher levels of vit-D that will improve immune response when the treatment demands weakening the immune system.

Auto immune diseases can be triggered by infections. One is better prepared to deal with infections by having adequate vit-D levels.

Some infections can make epigenetic changes in the body and immune activity can be altered. Lupis is a disease that is thought be a result of a trigger by infection.