Vitamin D Study

Thought this was interesting

Granted these long-term care patients aren’t exposed to much sunlight, but we’re looking at a fairly large study group taking high dosages for a long period of time without any adverse effects. I took and continue to take 10,000iu per day and have done so for over two years, and a recent Vitamin D test had me at 44 ng/ml (140 nmol/ml) which is a very healthy level.

Thats good.

I take 5,000 IU and then have 1,700 IU in my multivitamin. I have been taking this for 2 years every day, my blood work a few months ago came back 47. I know it’s not “deficient” but I would prefer it higher towards 60-70, I’m contemplating adding another 5,000 IU pill during the day.

Check out vitamin K2 and its role in increasing D3 absorption / utilisation in the body.

Chris Masterjohn has some excellent info on the subject if you care to look.