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Vitamin D Options, Can't Swallow Pills?


So I've been on 50,000 IU of Vitamin D 3x weekly now for almost a year, and finally got my levels up to normal.

About a month ago, I started being unable to swallow pills. it's always been kind of hard for me, especially the big ones -- but now my gag reflex has gotten so strong it won't allow them to go down at all. Been under s lot of stress, etc so think this is about anxiety....

Anyway -- does anybody know if there are drops or other options that work? I drink cod liver oil daily, but know that's not going to be enough. Before anybody says to just swallow the pills, believe me I've tried everything. Tried putting them in applesauce, drinking from a straw, etc - but my swallowing has gotten pretty bad and my throat gets so tight I choke and inhale water, so I'm giving up for awhile.,,,



Yes, order liquid vitamin D on Amazon.com:




I think you could probably dissolve them and then drink it....


Liquid formulations are all fine and good, but addressing those dysphagia issues is more important for you, big-picture-wise


Well, cod Liver oil probably is not the best product to take if taking vitamin D3. One article about that from Dr. Cannell's vitamin D sight:

"Cod Liver Oil and Vitamin A Toxicity"

What ever you end up taking, be sure to test. Make sure the product is being absorbed. I've read of some D3 liquids and powders not being absorbed well, and basically being rip offs.




Most Vit D pills are pretty tiny. Why not swallow 2000iu pills one at a time?

I can't swallow pills for shit since my acid reflux got bad, perhaps you have a physical issue, as well.


How about a can of harden the fuck up?



Don't know if you've tried this, but I also can't swallow pills "normally" or else I choke. What I have to do is get a mouthful of water and swallow about half of it to open the throat up, tip my head up and drop the pill in my mouth and then swallow it down.


if you can't manage to swallow these you have no hope. These are by far the easiest things to ever swallow.

Healthy Origins 10k Vitamin D at iherb


no joke. I just managed to start swallowing 2 normal size pills, but I can do 5 Vit D ones no problem.


I actually went to the ER for chocking on a pill - a horse size pill- it was a multi-vitamin out to kill. The picture above with the Vitamin D pills are the only things I swallow in capsule/soft gel form. Everything else is powdered.


Some of the pressed multi tabs are a bitch. That's why I found a good one in capsules.


Same thing nearly happened to me when trying to down one of these, Ultimate nutrition L-carnitine 1000. Massive rough surfaced pill, complete with jagged edges.


Use gel caps and chew, or toss them into the blender with your smoothie.


Yeh, I'm good to chew them up or blend them -- but I though that Vitamin D are made with a hard coating on purpose because they are supposed to be absorbed deep in the gut. I'm wondering if by chewing them I'm completely losing the benefit of taking them? Or maybe I'm just losing 10% or so of the vitamin, which would be acceptable. I guess I won't know until my next blood test.


My advice for those who have trouble with pills.

Step one: put pill(s) and water in mouth.

Step two: take a very deep breath through your nose

At this point you should have no impulse to breath, lungs are full.

Step three: swallow


One possibility could be to look for LIQUID Omega-3 fish oil with added vitamin D.

OK, before you conclude liquid fish oil would be disgusting, give it a try. The brand I have used does not even taste like fish. It has a mild apple flavor that's actually pleasant.


barlean's fish oil is amazing. they come in different flavors but i get orange and when its ice cold thats all you taste, i have no problem throwing back 3 tsps


Do you mind saying what brand? PM me if you would rather not post it.