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Vitamin D - IU Recomendation


I just read the article about vitamin D.
I got a question, in Norway on the vitamin D bottle it says qg instead of IU. I have no clue where i can find a translation betwen the two messurments?



Best I could find. Second one down.


Wow, alright. That means i have to take a shitload of my vitamin D pill to get as much as the article said. It's 10ug in one pill and 5000IU which is around the reccomended if i dont remember wrong is 750ug. Guess i have to pop 75 of those a day ^^ Or just get some sun :stuck_out_tongue:


The current recommended intake of vitamin D 5ug or 200 IU for adults age 19-50. However, more recent studies have suggested that this recommended intake is too low and that serum 25-OH D3 should be as high 90nmol/L (the best measure of bioactive Vitamin D in the body). In order to reach this higher concentration of Vitamin D in the body, the average person needs to intake 25ug/d or 1000 IU of Vitamin D. It's unpredictable how much Vitamin D you will get from the sun, depending on the season and where you live, so it's best to stick with taking 1000 IU / day from a supplement. There is no evidence of any toxic effects with intakes as high a 5000 IU or 100 ug/d, so you should be fine even if you take the supplement and get a lot of sun. I think that in the summer months the rate of Vitamin D synthesis from the sun is something like 6 IU/cm^2/ hour.


Thank you for a great answer :slightly_smiling:
That clearified alot for me.

Since i live in cold cold Norway i will usually only get sun between may and august. And when we go snowboarding\skiing in the winter.


Haha, i didnt even notice i was reading about vitamin A :stuck_out_tongue:


I was simply trying to find an answer to unit conversion in general.


most people take 2000iu-5000iu a day, why are you taking such a high dose?


as always the answer to this question is GET THE DAMN BLOOD TEST. Some will do well on 100iu per day and be right in range others myself included require much more...for me to be in teh high 70's to low 80's which is my target zone i have to take 10000iu per day. I , for whatever reason, metabolize it very fast.

There is no way to know what YOU need except to take the test. I would take at least 2000iu per day for a month then get teh test tehn titrate form there. I really feel most poeple would be much happier and healthier on 5000iu per day, but again the blood test is the ONLY way to know the rest is just conjecture and opinion.


I'm not a huge fan of the Huffington Post but I just read this article on Vitamin D that had a lot of good information.

Includes IU amounts, blood levels and recommendations on how to up your levels. One thing it stressed is if you get a supplement or prescription make sure that the Vitamin D in it is D-3, also known as cholecalciferol, which is the only biologically active form of it.


I take 5000 IU a day.

There was an article on here citing some studies showing that you'd need an excess of 20,000 IU a day for an extended period of time to get Vit D poisoning. And you can't overdose on the D you get from the sun (your body will stop making it when it doesn't need it). So take the 5000 in the morning, and get sun, if your body needs more than 5000, it'll make it.


Just got some blood results back. Turns out my vitamin d levels are low despite 2000 IU/day of d3 supplementation. I wondered what Poliquin had to say, and I found that his recommendation is 30000-100000 IU twice per week. Is he insane or just progressive? I can never tell with Charles P. Anyway I think I am just going to up my daily dose to 5000-10000 for a while and see how that goes.



I upped my intake from 200iu to 2000IU and im feeling alot better. It might be a placebo effect, but it doesnt change the fact that i feel better :slight_smile: