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Vitamin D Dose?

hihihihih, how much quantity, and did u take in a routine ? not so much sunshine in my city ^^ i read about 4k/5k UI by day, minium 2K

hihihihi, 5000ul

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spasiba, all year ?

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If you have very low levels you can take up to 10-15k/day for a couple weeks and then drop down. I personally found that after a while being on 5k/day it started to make me feel like shit. I have since dropped to 1-2k/day with no issues.

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ok thanks, so dextermorgan, u reduce the quantity bc u feel bad, dropped to 1-2k/day with no issues ? so u stop it ? sorry iam not sure to understand completely

Vit D builds up in your body so, say you were deficient and start taking megadoses, once you reach a decent level you can back it off to a maintenance level. Too much is not good.

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Exactly what @dragon1952 said

yep i will follow this advice, it seems logic yeah

vitamin needs vary per person, so you need to be tested. many conventional docs see 30 as good while nutritional experts like 50 to 90. from reading D-3 is a pro hormone that serves many purposes.

Soon as I can I will test, for the moment I take only when I don’t take the sun, and if I work outside with the sun it is useless so I deal like that

depending on your location + you making D-3 is not a given when getting sun exposure. theres information you can get from a search showing when your getting D-3 making exposure, sun must be more than 50 degree angle, regardless of temps. looking + found Dr Mercolas article on location + vitamin D making times but as common its being blocked as its cheap + good for your health! generally 5000 units recommended for adults, which i was taking but upped to 10 thou last 7 months, Dr visit soon + blood work including Vitamin D. theres lots to read about D-3 + often K-2 MK7 is noted as well for putting calcium in your bones + out of your arteries. retired + keeping healthy the best i can, so supplements, exercise come into play, 72 YO later this week. i read a lot + learned a lot thru the years + its been years since i even had a cold!! gotta be doing something right. its said dark skinned people absorb less by sunlight as well as bigger people as D-3 is fat soluable + must be taken with sufficient fat to be absorbed + is stored in body fat.

I take 5000 about 2-3 times a week and my levels are near the top of the range.