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Vitamin D Dose?

hihihihih, how much quantity, and did u take in a routine ? not so much sunshine in my city ^^ i read about 4k/5k UI by day, minium 2K

hihihihi, 5000ul

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spasiba, all year ?

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If you have very low levels you can take up to 10-15k/day for a couple weeks and then drop down. I personally found that after a while being on 5k/day it started to make me feel like shit. I have since dropped to 1-2k/day with no issues.

ok thanks, so dextermorgan, u reduce the quantity bc u feel bad, dropped to 1-2k/day with no issues ? so u stop it ? sorry iam not sure to understand completely

Vit D builds up in your body so, say you were deficient and start taking megadoses, once you reach a decent level you can back it off to a maintenance level. Too much is not good.

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Exactly what @dragon1952 said

yep i will follow this advice, it seems logic yeah