Vitamin D Cured My Acne

This is technically my 1st post but I’ve been creeping TN pretty extensively for the
last year. I figured it was time I should post.

Anyways, I’ve noticed something myself that might help other guys who are concerned
about how they look. More specifically younger guys in regards to acne.

I used to have terrible acne, I saw a dermatologist as well as a few doctors, and they
prescribed me an fairly popular anti-biotic called tetracycline. Now I used this
drug from when I was 18 until about a few months ago (I am now 22). It worked with
moderate effect, though my acne was still bad.

I noticed that during the summer (I worked outside all day) that my acne would partially
disipate. But then when school came again, it would come back it full force. And it was
quite bad, I have permanent scarring because of it.

Now about a month ago I started taking vitamin D, 5000IUs per day. And now I have almost
no acne whatsoever. I’m not 100% sure it is because of the vitamin D, but I feel there is
a good chance. The visible change is almost crazy.

I was also reading “D is for Doping” the other day.

Just wondering if this is possible and if any other guys have experience with this.

Thanks for sharing! I read that it kept someone else’s skin clear as well. When I was around 17-18 years old, I had some really bad acne around the temples and forehead. After a treatment of accutane all that shit went away for a good year. I recently started developing some acne around the jawline, which isn’t too severe.

I am currently taking 4000IUs of Vitamin D a day more so for the health benefit but if it works for my skin too then great!


I have just recently started dosing 5,000 IUs/day also. My skin is slowly clearing up very nicely.

Vit D is one part, but sun light has other health promoting benefits as well.

Look up UV light in the BLUE and RED wavelengths (~415 nm and ~660 nm respectively, having anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties respectively) Phototherapy with blue (415 nm) and red (660 nm) light in the treatment of acne vulgaris - PubMed Google “acne light” or something like that