Vitamin D and Peri-Workout Nutrition

First, apologies if this is more suited for the ‘Supplements and Nutrition’ forum, I am posting here since it is related to Peri-Workout Nutrition.

Attached are 3 studies regarding vitamin D and insulin; I forget the order but essentially but due to these studies I have recently added 2,000 IU vitamin D with my pre-workout nutrition, as it seems that vitamin D helps release AND store insulin in cells in the presence of glucose stimulation.

My question is, does the peri-workout protocol focus on serum levels of insulin (in which vitamin D’s 2 actions would make no significant difference) or produced and utilized levels of insulin?

hmmm interesting.

Be sure to post if you notice any significant difference.

Vitamin D3 does A LOT of things, it may or may not be related the timing. But one thing is certain, it will help you. I learned from Poliquin at a conference that he prefers to give 2 big doses per week instead of taking it every day. By big dose, I mean Poliquin big. Like 100 000IU per week divided in two doses for a 200+ guy. Adjust accordingly.

[quote]Nyral wrote:
Vitamin D3 does A LOT of things, [/quote]

Hell, it’s considered a hormone (sort of) to some in the field.

This is why I choose to use a high vitamin cod liver oil (and raw beef liver) instead of simply fish oil. The Vitamin A, D and E content (along with EFA’s) are so high and so bioavailable, that when combined with a high quality protein/fat diet, the results are short of miraculous.

I’m rarely sick, I heal fast and never really have had infections, I increase mass at whatever rate my budget allows, my mental disposition is usually a calm and contented one (…now), my sex drive is WAY above ‘normal’, my skin is clear, my vision is better than 20/20, and my energy levels/work capacity are higher than they’ve ever been.

I’m usually not one to site studies, because of their inherent flaws and biases, but I found this one on Vitamin A and Iron supplementation to be very interesting (there are numerous other on this subject, but this one was a human study and deals with testosterone…and this site IS T-Nation…):

*Zadik, et. al., ‘Vitamin A and iron supplementation is as efficient as hormonal therapy in constitutionally delayed children,’ Clin Endocrinol (Oxf). 2004 Jun; 60(6):682-7. *

Sorry if this seems like a hijack…

Extra: Another human study on Vitamin A (which requires D and others for safety and efficacy) and hormone levels:

*Bishop, et. al., ‘The effect of nutritional factors on sex hormone levels in male twins,’ Genet Epidemiol. 1988;5(1):43-59. *

interesting. I’ll be checking back in on this

[quote]BulletproofTiger wrote:
interesting. I’ll be checking back in on this[/quote]

For the talk, sure; for my results, don`t bother.

Theres no way I can go from a normal maintenance diet, to a cutting` diet with the peri-workout nutrition protocol dispersed within it, and be able to differentiate the gains made by the protocol, the vitamin D, or any other changing factors in my diet (Especially since this is the first time my routine included Biotest)


My doctor has got me taking Vitamin D because I’m deficient because I live in Michigan. He did a Vitamin D test by drawing my blood for the test. My levels are at 15 % of normal. He has me supplementing with Vitamin D but only once a week. He has me take 50,000 IU once a week with a meal. After 3 months he’s going to have me tested again to see if I need more.

The interesting thing is that I’m insulin resistant and this is only one of the things he’s doing for me. I don’t know why he recommends having me take Vit. D at a mega dose once a week but he’s the doctor and he should know best.

The brand he gave me was Biotech Vitamin D-3. He says that most people are Vit D deficient up north.