Vitamin C ?

The EDT workout prescribes 500 mg Vitamin C 3-4 hours prior to working out, just wondering what this is for.

To combat the free radicals that your body produces while exercising. It’s the stress that causes the production of free radicals and “supposedly” help reduce DOMS. Becareful of which brand you get for Vit C though. The ones at grocery stores might not be that good and the ones at GNC are overpriced. Just get the mulits called Supernutrition Opti Pak which has plently of vit C. Very good value overall for excellent mulits.

And add an equal dose a few hours post-workout, too (if you can afford it). Vitamin C is employed “as needed,” so it’s a good idea to keep a steady intake in the hours pre- and post-workout.

it’s also good to try to get a whole food vitamin c such as acerola powder rather than just ascorbic acid. ascorbic acid has it’s place, (such as for treating some conditions and illnesses) but a whole food supplement would be advised. one that contains the whole complex of vitamin C rather than just the refined acid part. the body must reconstruct the vitamin to use it. that’s my advice. i take vitamin C about 20 min. prior to working out myself, it’s a complex with grape extracts and green tea phenols, so it’s a super antioxidant. it’s called Pro-C. if you want more info, PM me and i’ll tell you where to get it…

Garden of Life’s Living C is an excellent choice.

It helps reduce free radical damage, which reduces DOM, and it’s also an important nutrient in keeping your adrenals healthy. It’s also needed in repair of connective tissue.

Musclerob Buffpants is correct on both counts.

The evidence for using antioxidants following exercise for the prevention of DOMS is equivocal at best. Most likely it does nothing.

There is a little evidence that certain antioxidant supplementation may interfere with… nevermind, I’ve already said too much. It’s nothing to worry about at this point anyway.

Vitamin C may be the single most useful supplement.

I’ve read that it’s better to take a powder instead of a tab or chewable for better absorbation and to take anywhere rom 3000mg - 5000mg every day. Comments?