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Vitamin C

We have discussed various nutrients in this section. I am curious as to how much vitamin C is taken by you guys on a daily basis? If you do not supplement with Vitamin C I would like to know that too. You can put why you do not take it if you like.

I personally take between 500Mg. and 3000Mg. Depending on my training routine.

With my multi, the stuff that is in my chondrotin-glucosomine, and my normal C supplement, I am getting 2300 mgs. I take my multi in the morning and break my C into 3 more doses through out the day.

I take at least 1000mg of EsterC broken up into two dosages per day. I will get as high as 3000mg during the winter and during heavy times in my training.

I take 2-5 grams of Vitamin C per day. I get straight Vit C powder and ad it to my water bottle throughout the day and after workouts.

Mike Mahler

1,000 - 3,000 mg per day.

ZEB, I get what I get in my LEF multi (2.4g give or take), but I like to take an extra gram of C before cardio or weights, too.


Do you remember the big Vitamin C scare a few years ago?

I supplement with 2,500mg of vitamin C daily.

I supplement 5oomg 3 times a day and 300mg once a day with my bcomplex.

500 mg with each meal, usually 3000. Dependent on the training I am in.

I take 3 grams on non training days and 4 grams on training days.

i use about a gram per week of vitamin S.

ZEB, no, I don’t. What’s the scoop on that one?


They did a “study” in 1998 that showed to much Vitamin C (500 Mg.) can cause DNA damage.

It was passed around as truth for a while. I plugged in a web site where you can read about it.

For those of you not inclined to visit the web site, don’t worry about your vitamin C intake…seems everything causes DNA damage, the way the study was performed!