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Vitamin C with Cardio?


So I've been taking a gram of Vit C before and a gram after weight training as per the advice of Mr. Thibaudeau but I'm starting to add in some cardio(30-40 mins moderate) and was wondering to people use Vit C for cardio or is it a waste of time

Any advice appreciated




What/How is this vitamin C supposed to be helping? think i missed that article.


vit c is supposed to reduce cortisol.

i don't know if this helps, but i take a gram every day PWO (or just w/ lunch on off days). the vit c won't hurt anything after your cardio, and it's cheap enough that it's worth taking even if just for the assurance.


Yeah it's mighty cheap, and really convenient.

TNUT, Christian Thibaudeau suggests it in his Nutrition for Newbies articles.


In his forum CT stated that vitamin C should not be abused because it can be a pro-oxidant if doses are too high. He updated his recommendation to use a max of 1000mg daily total.


wow, that's a far cry from his previously recommended 1,500mg before and 1,500mg after exercise.
Do you have a link to the thread where he suggests this by any chance...?

Also, I thought that there was no harm in taking as much Vit C as you wanted...? A former workmate who's currently studying to be a doctoe actually happened to say this to me lately


I'm unable to find it using search. It was in his locker room, maybe a year ago.


1 gram a day is actually a pretty low dose, but if CT recommends that then I would go with it.


Alright, cool.
Thanks for the advice guys


I've never heard of such a thing as too much vitamin C. Seeing as its water soluble, its impossible to overdose on, however I know there's a huge difference between "ideal" and "overdose."

That said, the effects of 1 gm of any oxidant or antioxidant on health in the long run, even if taken daily aren't going to be THAT pronounced. 1g post workout might help to reduce cortisol a bit, but honestly it sounds like the same sort of effect you get for GH and test by manipulating rest time between sets. Sure, maybe there's a slight difference, but its foolish to think these things will make or break your physique.


Vitamin C is vitamin C. I highly doubt it's going to have any significant affect on your cortisol. The only research I've seen is that individuals who are overstressed are usually low on vitamin c. Don't quote me, but if I remember correctly, a large quantity of vitamin C is stored in your adrenal glands. It's healthy, and let's keep it at that.

Rhodiola Rosea or PS is a much better option if you're worried about cortisol. There's been several RCT's that have shown statistical significance with respect to Rhodiola and stress.


I'm assuming CT recommended Vit C simply because it's so easaly accessible and cheap.

Rhodiola Rosea? PS?
Never hear of 'em...


Rhodiola Rosea

PS = Phosphatidyl Serine
I've used the NOW brand.


Thanks ACTrain, much appreciated


I might be wrong but I've heard different. That's why it's often recommended to eat foods or supplements that have vit C throughout the day.
Also after my research I found out that it's hard to overdose on vit C since you're most likely to ingest is as ascorbic acid.
This article (even though I don't know how credible) sums it up pretty good.

I once again repeat that I might be completely wrong.
If anyone more knowledgeable wants to chime in, please do so


Actually, I was wrong. The exact statement was that the adrenal gland has a higher vitamin C content than any other organ in the body. Supposedly, before they used blood tests to measure the stress hormones, they looked at your vitamin c levels because of the high correlation between vitamin c levels and stress.

Anyways, because you're further stressing your body with the additional cardio, one could actually argue that it becomes even more important to take vitamin c.