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Vitamin C - Strength


Ive trained for a few years now and whilst training a few months ago, the topic of vitamin c came up in discussion. I have always been told by my trainers to take double dose of vitamin c daily to keep my immune system high, so I dont get ill and miss training. However whilst discussing it one guy was saying that it increases strength by up to 15%, dont know how much truth there is in it. But he was more or less saying it acts as a nantural testosterone booster. Could someone shed any light myth or true? Thanks Guys.


Without it you won't be able to make noradrenaline or adrenaline.
They are probably quite important for tendon strength as well through hydroxylating some amino acids in collagen.
The immune system part is a myth from what I've heard. Problem is that a Noble prize winner started this myth and gave it some credibility just throught his name. But I wouldn't mind being proven wrong.

Vitamin C deficiency is extremely rare and I doubt that extra vitamin C will do you any good. But it won't harm you either.

The "test booster" part could be a residue from one of Poliquin's jokes, when he said that injecting 4 grams of vitamin C made him drop from 8 to 4 % BF in a day or something like that. That guy has way too much influence to use sarcasm on the internet.


Vitamin C is essential for health maintenance, however it should be taken in adequate amounts - for mega doing has become discredited in the literature as of late. The daily requirement (SDT) is 45mg per day, keeping in mind that half an orange is 60mg.

It has been observed clinically that mega dosing (1g+) has little to no positive effects; however it can result in rebound scurvy, GIT problems and many more complications. As kakno said the maintenance of Vitamin C is strongly correlated with optimised noradrenalin and adrenaline secretion - however I suspect that the "testosterone boosting effects" may be a furphy. I think it may be a placebo effect, you might get the same buzz from drinking homeopathic preparations (which is also an elaborate placebo)


I once tried to mega-dose C to see if I could actually get rid of a cold. I did something like 5-10g an hour for 2 or 3 hours until I had the worst diarrhea ever for the rest of the night haha.

In summary, stick to reasonable doses (0.5-2.0g/day), as there isn't much benefit above that.


Thanks for the input, incidently ive double dosed Vitmin C twice a day for about 4 months now and as of yet have stayed free of all flus, illness etc possibly a coincidence.


I rock mega dose Vitamin C in IVs, and it does wonderful things for immune system, adrenal gland recovery,and overall recovery....seriously.....if you can IV or inject it its worth a go round if you are curious


I always take 2 grams of vitamin C PWO to lower cortisol levels. I know there are better sups out there to help with this but vitamin C is so cheap that I can't justify not taking it. Every little bit helps when it comes to recovery.


I have been taking 1 gram of C three times a day for over 10 years. I read an article on how it helps to keep veins and cappillaries clear, and that many men with ED have plugged up fine veins in their male areas. Blood cannot get to the penis to cause erection. 67 Years, no failures to day. I will take the same 3 grams @ day forever.


Vitamin C can act as a "Aromotase inhibitor" in the right dosage!! that is where you will hear that it raises test,which it kind of does but its a reaction to lowering Aromotase enzyme.