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Vitamin C Intramuscular Injections


Hey guys I have been up and down google and YouTube for hours and I just can’t find any information on vitC IM injections. I came across one video explaining it’s going to hurt like a bitch. But that’s about it.
What I’m looking for is
-Any sort of dosing suggestions
-How many times per week
-Personal experience stories
-Combining with other Vitamins to take the edge off the intense cramps

I’m really looking for any information you’ve got.
I have 90 ampules at .5/2 ml. I’ve injected 3 nights in a row 2ml each time in my thigh. The first time was pretty intense. Full muscle cramps, spasms at the injection site, the feeling like I was just hit with a hammer, increased heart rate and blurred vision. That all lasted for about a couple minutes then I felt completely fine. Very minor pip the next day.
My head feels noticeably clearer. But I have no idea if that’s just the placebo effect or legit.

Happy pinnin’


Never heard of this. Why would anyone do such a thing?


I was thinking the same thing. I was under the impression Vitamin C was pretty easy, and safe, to take orally… and without pain, increased heart rates, blurred vision, or any other very scary sounding side effects.


“One hundred percent absorption efficiency is observed when ingesting vitamin C at doses up to 200 mg at a time. Once plasma ascorbic acid levels reach saturation, additional vitamin C is largely excreted in the urine. Notably, intravenous administration of vitamin C bypasses absorptive control in the intestine such that very high concentrations of ascorbic acid can be achieved in the plasma”


But if you notice it says intravenous injections. So I’m not entirely sure if the same holds true for IM injections. Though I’ve read it’s the transport method that offers one of the highest absorption rates. I really can’t find any studies that back the claim.


Follow up question is why are you trying to achieve higher concentrations of ascorbic acid? But what is the effect of supra physiological doses?

I have heard of people getting intravenous vitamin therapy for overall well-being (typically during contest prep when they feel like AIDS), but IM injections of just one would suggest you are looking for a very specific physiological response?


Vitamin C right in the Neck ! No pain no Gain guys


I have a couple hopes and dreams with these Vit C shots.
If you do a quick google you will find an endless list of amazing things that a high dosage of vitamin C will do. I’m also getting my b vitamins via IM injection.

A little update for everyone,
I’m on day 4 of my VitC injections and feeling fantastic! I’ve had a slight chest infection that I’ve been fighting for months. Finally gone! In addition I’ve been able to fully clear my bladder for the first time in ages. Thankfully the injection pain has reduced to almost nothing. I’m gonna keep this going for another 4-6 days depending on how I feel. Then drop it down to twice a week.


So its like this…




Vit C in its pure form has a PH of 2.4 that is strong enough to tenderize meat. Put a bit of beef in that ViT C and see if you want to do that to your injection site


Add baking soda in equal amounts, it will offset the ph, make sure it isnt bubbling and use distilled water.

People are claiming to cure colorectal cancer with this recipe too, but that doesnt seem likely.


I’m wary of anyone doing something like this unless they’re trained in pharmacy compounding. Distilled water is not sterilized and you risk infection without finding sterile pharmaceutical grade compound to make this stuff. It’s not worth it to do it yourself. I personally know of placed around my area that are doing this with proper care taken to reduce risk to patients/clients.


My final thoughts on Vitamin C IM:
I’ve done about 50 injections ranging from mild stinging to full strength muscle cramps that take a few minutes to pass. I believe most of what I experienced in terms of “benefits” were psychological. I’m guessing for two reasons, first being the no pain no gain mentality and secondly the belief that if you inject something it works better.
After giving his a try for a few months I firmly believe the best option is simply to buy a large bottle of oral vitamin C and supplement throughout the day.

If you guys have any questions feel free to ask.

Happy lifting


I used oral vitamin C in large amounts for a while to stop vaping nicotine. Sounds strange I know, but it worked!

I increased from 5 grams to 25 grams of vitamin C powder per day over 10 days…

When I vaped nicotine, instead of it being a pleasant, strong stimulant, it started to simply make me feel poisoned.

Once I got to 25 grams of vitamin C, the nausea happened every time I vaped.

It severed the drug reward association I had with nicotine & I quit after 3 or 4 days. That is a big thing - I’d got to the point where it was hard believing I’d ever be nicotine free.


You ever try Oranges?

They’re pretty good.