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Vitamin 'C' carcinogenic...???

Some news article (television) just said that taking too much Vitamin C can alter a persons DNA and make us more prone to getting cancer…! Anyone know if there’s any truth to it? (Don’t recall them stating doses either.)

I saw that news report too. They also said it was a “test tube” experiment and there is no way to know how vitamin C would act in the complex chemistry of the human body.

Right Ironbabe. That’s the way I saw it - Don’t sweat it and take your C.

Mark: What the research actually suggest is taking megadoses of ANY vitamin, at the expense of (or in lieu of) OTHER vitamins can in fact turn them from being a beneficial ANTI-oxidant to a PRO-oxidant. (ie instead of promoting free-radical consumption they in fact become free radicals themselves. Free radicals are what cause the damage to our DNA and cellular membranes). Take home lesson? No vitamin is “better” than another. Get a good multi-vitamin so that you have a good “mix” of Vitamins. Avoid taking MEGA-doses of any one vitamin.

If there is one thing I know, it’s that TV can not and does not lie, and that watching the news is the scariest thing an individual can do. Anyway, I’ve noticed a pattern with carcinogens, everything is one. Like the air you’re breathing right now, causes cancer, especially if you’re smoking, or if you live in Los Angeles, it just hasn’t been proven yet, so do what you please, because there’s no escape.

ya, there’s truth to it.
the research group is in pennsylvania if you want to read their experiments

I don’t know which article you speak of but I did read that a cancerous cell may well use antioxidants for their own protection, opportunistic son of bitches that they are.

GARBAGE STUDY! The study was not a clinical study, it was not tested on any animals. Pure garbage. Test tube studies have almost nothing to do with double blind peer reviewed studies. It just another study by a scientist who can get his name on the front page and get his NIH grants. Follow the money trail.

Man all I have to say is, breathing is carcinogenic. So don’t worry about all the bullshit controlled experiments they do, and live your life. I mean if Iron was carcinogenic, would you stop lifting? haha that made no sense.
I’m out!

Hey breathing causes oxidization wich causes free radical production wich causes cellular damage.So in a sense breathing is eventualy fatal.Dont forget to much water can be fatal.i wouldnt worry about the study becase there are probably numerous other studies on vit.c saying exactly the oposite<(did i spell that right).

Breathing causes cancer? Okay, so i’ll just hold my breath.

Can’t say I’m really all that worried. I take about 2 grams a day and don’t feel that’s excessive. Just an interesting thing that was brought up.

Regarding the Vitamin C scare (basically it is the media taking the research out of context. I call your attention (and the media’s attention once again to an interview with the lead researcher, Ian Blain from U of Penn. In an interview with the Reuters News Service he says “Absolutely, for gods sake don’t say that vitamin C causes cancer” Now, what did the media go out an do- say that vitamin C causes cancer. Fregin-idiots, I say.

I read the study and beseides being a test tube study, the researchers basically took aging fatty acids mixed it with ascorbate, shook it up and then measured any DNA mutations. Hogwash for application to everyday life.