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Vitamin C and Insulin Sensitivity?


can the insulin sensitivity increasing properties of ascobate be replicated with oral dosages? poliquin i think used enormous amounts through iv, but can a small dose <10 grams taken orally help in that respect?


Sadly no. Furthermore large doses of vitamin C take orally can cause gastric distress AND high doses of vitamin C has actually been shown to lose its anti-oxidant properties and can actually become a pro-oxidant.


In an intra-cell environment that is. Higher doses ot vit C in solution, if you run some kind of titration, are just linearly more anti-oxidative, i.e. absorbe more oxygen radicals.
If you do experiments with real eukaryotic cells, however, higher doses actually INCREASE intra-cellular oxidatve stress. same thing for different forms of vit E.


If too much is possibly bad, could you possibly give a guideline as to what constitutes a healthy dose please?


so even largeish dosaged spread throughout the day would not contribute to fat loss?

cheers for your help thibs




We didn't conduct in vivo studies but only with in vitro cell cultures (HeLa). However, we estimated that 2-3g of Vitamin C a day will not do any harm an dosages of around 1g / day have reported health benefits.
That was 12 yeras ago and I don't work in this field anymore.

You'll probably find much more info on pubmed.com, if you're interested.


As personal experience, I've used, and for long enough periods of time to be able to tell, 20 g/day spread across the day and became convinced there was no detectable -- not even the slightest bit detectable -- muscle building, fat loss, or performance enhancing result from it relative to much more modest doses.

These days the only Vitamin C I get is from the amounts in Surge Workout Fuel and Anaconda, which are in my opinion appropriate amounts; and from whatever I get from modest consumption of fruits. I'm quite sure I'm missing out on nothing by not getting more than this, and may, for the reasons Coach Thibaudeau and others mentioned, be doing better by getting this amount rather than much more.


Thanks a lot to all of you guys.


Sometime I saw a protocol to consume 500mg before workout and 500mg right after. Do someone agree?


I'd love to know if anyone tried the high dosage IV drip that Poliquin recommended. The results seemed too good to be true.