Vitamin B6 Uses

Hi Coach.

Most vitamins and supplements I’ve been able to figure out, but Vitamin B6 confuses me.

Some sources say it energises, other sources say it aids sleep. It’s put in ZMAs, but also in products like Power Drive. Sources say it helps with both serotonin, dopamine and melatonin, among others.

I recall an article, it might have been from you actually, where it was vaguely mentioned that tyrosine can’t convert to dopamine without adequate B6, but the same has been said about 5HTP converting to either GABA or serotonin.

My guess is it’s some kind of a precursor, or key component (for the lack of a better term in mind) to these processes (and others).

Am I at least semi-correct?

And if it is important for both energy and rest, do I take it morning, daytime, evening, all 3, or what matters is WHAT I take it with, like tyrosine, or magnesium glycinate etc? Maybe the type of food?

Thank you in advance for your time, Coach!

From the Mayo Clinic: