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Vitamin B6 Overdose?

Does anyone know the limit of b6 your supposed to consume in one day? Not the RDA, but when it becomes toxic? It says 2g in the t-mag vitamin article, but as the RDA is only 2mg I was wondering if the 10.5mg in ZMA plus 40mg in PowerDrive(2 servings) is fine. I’d assume yes?? Also is there any detrimental effect to taking more than 2 servings of PD in a day? Finals are coming up and are gonna be killer. Need to be at my best these next few weeks.

In general it is consider unsafe to dose higher than 100 milligrams of B6 in one 24 hour period.

Thanks for the info. I’ll plan on doing just 2 servings then as that’ll only bring me up to about 50mg total.

Can this ever be exceeded in the case of post workout supplements to aid recovery? The only reason I’m asking is that many athletes are more likely to have a deficiency(sp?) of certain vitamins. Thanks in advance.