Vitamin B6 Doesn't Seem to Help Against High Prolactin

A common advice in the TRT or steroid-community is to use b6/p5p for prolactin-sides when using gear/trt or when they are just naturally high.

Has anyone in here actually made it work?

According to this guy it just doesnt work, as one would have to mega-dose it about every 30 minutes to have any effect what so ever.

He might look like a nuckelhead but he is extremely well read and smart when it comes to hormones, he is also a biochemist:

Why use some vitamins for a problem that has to be treated with meds? Use dostinex for prolactin and problem solved forever.

yes problem is many get great side effects from dostinex it seems

On high doses of tren you would need like half a tablet of Dostinex once every 3-4 weeks. I dont think the side effects could be worse than actually living with high prolactin. High prolactin on trt? Thats something rare imo, BUT then your doses of Dostinex would be even lower therefore - no side effects.
Also you can NOT take 19nors if you are sensitive to prolactin.
If prolactin is not steroid related then as far as i googled, high prolactin is a SYMPTHOM of some really serious problems and just killing it with vitamins, ritual dances, or real medicine does not solve the problem in any way.

I’m cynical, so when I see something inconsequential/ useless being discussed I think “Sales Pitch!”.

Then the solution- Cabergoline, is presented.

So do these guys sell this stuff or what?

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Maybe it was miscommunication.

So these guys who use boatloads of drugs are just right there, man on the street style, discussing B6 to control prolactin?

At their point in the game, B6 is inconsequential and irrelevant.

Virtually implausible that any of this would actually take place in the real world.

So what do they use? Caber and winny. They even tell you this and have pictures of the product on the screen. And it says right in the opening screen, fast fixed rate shipping, yadda yadda yadda.

I don’t see my observations of this as weird at all.

A tad cynical, sure. Weird? Nope.

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