Vitamin B12 Question

Hey guys.
I’m just starting another lovely cycle today and I just have a Vitamin B12 question.
My buddy recommended that I take it with my test. What is the reason for this?

If someone could clear up why someone would take Vitamin B12 with their cycle that would be great.
Also, I have googled it and researched it for the last hour or so and I havent come across a concrete answer.
Thanks guys!

Well, I know it can increase appetite, and energy. Its also used for cutting painful gear. Those are the only reasons Ive read really

Alright cool thanks.
Anyone else have any information?

I take 250mg (or iu or whatever the heck the unit is) every week. It’s really helped my energy levels.

BUT I am in my 40s and used to be a regular drinker.

Drinking = inability to absorb B-12 from food. Also decreases with age.

The occasional B-12 shot for a younger person is probably fine; you pretty much pee out excess. 1000 is the maximum dose for people with severe problems and symptoms.

I’ve also debated getting a general B-Vitamin shot.

In short, 250 probably won’t hurt you and will probably do you good. Little needles — HCG needles work fine.

I do it but have had blood tests to show it was low…I think Ive read that if you are fine in your labs, that overdoing it will not give you “extra” boost or anything…if you are deficient it will. Try taking B12 and B Complex orals first, thats simple enough. or get labs done to see what you might need or not?