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Vitamin B-6 Toxicity

How much vitamin B-6 in mg in conjunction with how long of everyday use would induce vitamin b-6 toxicy. This toxicity is characterized by loss of proprioception. I ask because GNC’s megamen multivitamin claims to have 2500% the RDA, something that I’m just concerned about.

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Conservatively, you’re safe if you keep intake of Vitamin B6 to 10mg or less per day. Vitamin B6 has been taken by women for PMS for extended periods of time (between 2 and 40 months) at 2-6g per day. At that dosage and over that time frame it MAY cause neurological damage.

Generally, B6 is included into a multi at a dosage that will not cause problems. Problems with toxicity generally result when B6 is taken by itself at too high a dosage.

There’s a huge difference between RDA (Recommended Daily Allowances) and ODA (Optimal Daily Allowances). The RDA for any given vitamin or mineral is only the BARE MINIMUM needed for HEALTHY people to avoid disease. Many scientific studies have indicated that in order to maintain maximum health, larger doses of these nutrients are required. Nutritionists, for the most part, encourage higher nutrient intake than is specified in the RDA. That’s why you’ll see numbers like 2500% of RDA on a GOOD multi.

Definition from UK Medical Site for Genreral Practitioners -Supplementation should be controlled as extreme dosage, such as in excess of 2,000 mg per day, may cause neurological damage.

People on medication for Parkinson’s disease should be careful about taking Vitamin B6 as it can inactivate levo-dopa.

People taking pyridoxine late at night sometimes experience very vivid dreams


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