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Vitamin Absorbtion

I once read that if a cap/tablet/gel cap doesnt dissolve in vinegar within 20 minutes that it will probably go “unused”. Is there any truth to this? Because I’ve found that most “Time released” tablets such as centrum or Jameson B100 Complex fail the test. Should I ony stick to gel caps for all my vitamins?

There are some vitamins that dissolve in WATER in less than 5 minutes. You’re not relegated to only using gel-caps. Do some looking around.

I never use “time released” formulations for that reason any more after being told that in many cases the timed release formulations are coated with a laquer and will pass right through unless chewed first. I didn’t believe it so, as strange as it sounds, I started to “watch”, and sure enough, the time release formulation I was using passed completely through me intact numerous times. I no longer use time release formulations. IMO, they’re a bad idea. From my “experience”, they don’t dissolve or break down unless chewed first.

That’s why they are TIMED-RELEASED. They are formulated to breakdown in the intestines over 4-6 hours.

As I stated, from direct experience, all to often they don’t break down at all but come out just like they went in. I’ve “witnessed” it.

Heb, may I ask how you “witnessed” this particular phenomenon? I’ve heard of being anal about training and nutrition, but if you did what I think you did, this takes it to a whole new level. I’m not sure if I should be impressed at your diligence or horrified by your creativity. :slight_smile:

Demo - I knew someone would question about that (and should of known it’d be you) and debated whether I should even post and share but no, it’s not like you think. I was curious after hearing about the unreliability of timed release formulations as I had been using them but didn’t have the internal fortitude to pursue it in the way you’re imagining. Yeah, I wimped out and just patiently watched every movement from afar for any visable and obvious signs never expecting to “see” anything but after starting to watch, it didn’t take many days to actually see what shouldn’t of been there. I’m glad it turned out to be easy to verify. Anyway, if I was you, I’d just take my word for it.

Thanks for clarifying (I was just busting your chops). I had no intention of testing anything, incidentally. My vitamins dissolve quickly in water. Thank heaven.

Glad to be of service in any way I can!