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Vitamin A for Mutation

Anyone have insight as to why CT lists 10,000 IU Vitamin A in his article?

What’s it do?

Good question - because Vit a Overdoses can be dangerous as far as I can rememeber

Ya, vitamin A is fat soluable so you have to be careful about dosages… though most vitamins supply VitA as beta-carotine which your body converts on an as needed basis.

Vitamin A is an antioxidant. If my memory is correct the negative effects of vitamin A has been reported in smokers consuming 25000 IU/day as vitamin A + a lot of beta carotene (increased cancer). And stay away from polar bear liver, the concentration of vitamin A is so high it can be lethal…

According to Christian, Vit. A…

“…has been shown to help reduce fat gain. I used 10,000IU per day.”

I get some vitamin A from cod liver oil, which you really can’t get too much vitamin A that way, only too much vitamin D. vitamin a is only dangerous for overdoses when you take synthetic vitamin A. food sources are completely safe and healthy. liver is a great source of it, and i don’t think we have to worry about polar bear liver, it’s not too easy to find around here. organic beef (calf) and wild game liver is best, then you got your commercial chicken and other livers. eat up!