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Vitaly Klitschko Dominates Adamek


Just watched this fight.

easy dominant performance by VK.

Not many gave Thomaz Adamek much of a chance, but many felt he would at least make a fight of it, and he did. VK was just too big and too good for the smaller but game fighter.

I he almost had him out in the second round, and a case could have been made to stop the fight in the 6th and the 9nth, but ref finally stopped it in the 10th.

Vitaly did not have a singe scratch on his face, and Tomaz looked a bit beat-up.

VK says he wants only 2-3 more fights before he retires, and states he wants David Haye.

Haye says he wants the older Klitschko as well.

Haye better be careful what he wishes for. Vitaly is a totally different animal than Wladimir.

unless VK suddenly gets "old" in the ring, which can happen with aging fighters, VK may rip Hayes head off and take a dump in his neck.

just IMHO...


is it worth watching or will it be a snooze fest? i'm always with a step back before watching any Klitschko fight


snooze fest. Adamek had NOthing for VK. it was a boring systematic beat-down.



I just got to my computer and said "I'll start a Klit-Adamek thread to save heavythrower from being the only person who cares". Fractionally to late.

I didn't think it was too bad. It had that 'How much punishment can this small man take?' appeal to it. I had predicted that Adamek would be in Narnia by the fourth round. God only knows how he wasn't. Ballsy guy.


there was a fight this weekend?


you did not watch Gamboa/DeLeon? That surprises me Irish.


Haha actually I watched some of that last night when I got home. It was a good fight. The Clit vs the polack fights was terrible though.

I'm glad Adamek got his ass beat though, because I hate his drunk POS fans.


hahaha, always can count on you to be so eloquent Irish, so, tell me how you really feel?


Oh man, one of those drunk fucking cocksuckers stole a very expensive camera from me at his fight when I went, right from under my nose while I was sitting down- I had no idea.

Then me and my buddy nearly got into a fight with those fucking scumbags while trying to report it.... If I had a gun that night, I would have shot every one of those block-headed prics, and it pretty much earned my undying enmity for every Adamek fan that night, and, as a consequence, the fighter himself.

I'm so glad he got his ass kicked.


well, then you should have watched the fight. VK put a BEATING on him. when the fight was stopped in the 10th, the reaction of "Goral" was very telling, he looked relieved.

staggered over to his corner hung his head down shook his head and started spitting out lots and lots of blood.

tough dude, but yes, he got a beating.