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Vit-D3 and Cardiovascular Function


This news is been carried by many news services today.

Patients with congestive heart failure [CHF] in England were found to be vitamin-D deficient.
What are the factors for the deficiency?

  • reduced energy and mobility
  • not getting outside
  • overcast skies
  • cooler climate and been fully clothed
  • not taking a general multi vitamin
  • not drinking much milk

So that all makes sense. We have a natural experiment with vitamin D deficiency caused by several factors. I can’t find any details on the study, but found the records of the clinical study’s registration.

The study shows positive effects from a modest amount if vitamin D, 400iu I believe. Many consider that seriously sub-optimal.

What as reported was greater blood flow from the heart. If the arteries remained the same, blood pressure would have increased and the study would probably then have been cancelled as failure of benefit. That did not occur. I can only suspect that Vit-D improved the muscular function of the heart and the arteries. Then I would expect to see some improvement in blood pressure…

So a little Vit-D3 goes a long way, relative to a deficient state. This does illustrate the importance of Vit-D. And as I point out, the active Vi-D metabolite, Vit-D25 has many similarities to other steroid hormones.

We also know from in the USA, that people in warmer climates have higher Vit-D25 levels and lower:

  • strokes
  • heart attacks
  • depression
  • autoimmune diseases

So the results of today’s announcements really do not come as any surprise.; but do quantify these effects in terms of Vit-D3 dose and response.

The real message should be that Vit-D3 is preventative and today’s announcement was concerned about some restorative effects.