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Vit. D and Zinc


I've been trying to kick up my game a little bit so in addition to eating clean (Paleo, relatively low carb) and supplementing with Whey, fish oil and green tea I decided about 3-4 days ago to add Vit D and Zinc. I've been taking these in the morning with breakfast and they seem to be hitting me like a handful of benadryl. I wouldn't say it's anywhere near blacking out but it's really making me tired and really muzzy. I'm pretty sure it's the Vit D because on day 4 I tried an experiment and took a second Zinc in the afternoon and had no addition fatigue.

I can't find any indication that D3 can make you tired/sleepy/fatigued, if anything it's supposed to be the opposite. What gives? If I didn't know better I'd say it was crashing my blood sugar, but without the stressed/panicky feeling that can happen.

I'm taking 1,000IU D3 and 50mg zinc (Gluconate) AM

I'm a big guy trying to drop weight and get healthy, it's possible my insulin sensitivity isn't all it could be, but I've had blood work in the last year (at my heaviest) that showed healthy blood sugar levels, and no diabetes. I'm gonna try taking these PM. If anyone has any thoughts it would be a big help! The zinc at least has had a number of VERY POSITIVE effects, beyond belief. The wife can vouch for it!! LOL


well, are you getting sunlight? If you are going outside for a solid 10 minutes, without sunglasses, you might not even need to supplement with vitamin D. But anyways, simply put, if taking the vitamin D causes you the fatigue and you are sure that it's the cause (and that it's not the lack of carbs from the paleo diet), then just stop taking it and monitor fatigue in the days following the cessation of vit. D intake.


I live in Canada, in Vancouver and it's quite cloudy all year and in winter I am sure I am effected by the lack of sun. This summer hasn't been very sunny either. I do eat lots of fish so I'm not sure how deficient I am in the winter. I was just wondering if others have heard of, or experienced this.


I know ZMA can make people tired, perhaps its the zinc.


I think its the zinc. A lot of people take zinc and say it helps them fall asleep faster. ZMA helped me fall asleep but that also contains magnesium and other goodies. Though I've seen people swear that magnesium helps them fall asleep too. Try taking the zinc at night I think that would be most beneficial. But for the zinc to be properly absorbed it needs to be taking vit b6 pyrixidoxin???? I believe thats the chemical name. Also dont take the zinc with any calcium containing foods they compete for the same receptor sites in some thingamajig. As for the vitD, I've taken it and felt no fatigue. It can be taken whenever for the most part. Dosage should be 2000ius to 4000ius of d3 a day, someone please correct me if i am wrong.


Good post. Yes, zinc w/ mag before bed.

D anytime but w/ fat (it's fat-soluble), dosage recommendation^ is good, no need to take any on days you get full-spectrum sunlight between 10 am and 2 pm in summer (ideal blood level is 50-80 ng/dl).


Andy, sunglasses, really? All that matters is that the sun is hitting exposed skin, it doesn't matter if it's your back or your eyes.

I also would guess it's the zinc. But also, my guess is that it's something totally unrelated that happened over the last few days. Less sleep, less food, less caffeine, different breakfast, etc.


oh yes. I've been reading a lot on it and while not wearing sunglasses won't matter that much for vitamin D, having the sun hit your retinas directly allows the hypothalamus gland to do many other processes in the body. 98% of sunlight enters through the eyes, only 2% through the skin.


I really enjoy zinc. Ever since i added 100mg in my post workout meal my libido is up (im 21 btw), muscles stay fuller, just overall "better".

This is my experience with it anyways, i must of been pretty deficient of it.

Only negative side is that it makes my Gyno feel kind of tender...I've had Gyno under my right nipple since i was 13, and it started getting tender again when i started the zinc.

It hasn't gotten worse though. Just throwing my experience out there.


Have you tried alpha t2? its supposed to target the alpha sites in your chest and get rid of fat there might work for you...of you could use an a.i.


Well, the gyno lump is there for good unless i get surgery. But I'll look that up, because i do store fat on my chest. Not that it's a big deal.


I have the same thing, showed up during puberty never went away but its not really noticeable


I doubt its either. 1000iu is a fairly low dose of vitamin d. zinc can have a stimulatory effect on the nervous system. the drowsiness that people experience with ZMA is the magnesium.

according to many, zinc gluconate isn't a form of zinc that is absorbed very well. chelated zinc works best.

could your drowsiness be due to lack of carbs associated with your paleo diet?


Yeah, it's not getting worse/bigger. It's just more sensitive/tender since supplementing zinc.