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Vit C: Empty Stomach or With Food?


For your typical Vitamin C tablet (ex. 500mg w/ Rose hips), will it absorb better when taken with a meal or on an empty stomach with water?


I don't get why you would buy a vitamin c only pill...?

Get a multi without iron if you're a male and take it with your breakfast.

Or just eat a well rounded diet and get it all from whole foods. I think 1 serving of orange juice has 140% of it or something like that. Most fruits got it too.


Why no Iron?


Builds up in the liver and becomes toxic.


Your comments don't make any attempt to answer the question of how to achieve maximum absorbency from a Vit C tablet.

Since you're curious though, I will indulge you. I typically don't take a separate C supp and a no-Iron Multi is my vitamin standard. However, there are several things, Vit C included, that I am taking in extra quantities for the next month or two so as to help with my recovery from two surgeries recently performed.


I think empty stomach, but I wouldn't worry about getting it to absorb perfectly, you can just take more in a day.


Take A, C and E at the same time for maximum benefits. They all work together.


take ester c not regular vitamin c unless your already sick.


Ester C = esterified vitamin C? Brands etc.? Haven't seen in Aus before.


Eat an orange.


If the question was, "What food could I eat to increase my Vitamin C intake?", then your response has merit. As with a previous poster in this thread, your comment does nothing to add value to this thread.

I already eat oranges and other whole food Vitamin C contributors as part of my diet. Thanks for the profound tip though. I am adding 500mg to 1000mg of Vit C to my existing diet.

I am looking to maximize the absorbency of said supplement. In 15 years following sports nutrition, I have yet to come across a discussion specifically addressing Vitamin C absorbency delivered via tablet form... hence the original question.



C is easily absorbed and you are overthinking things. Any Vit C supplement has more than you need and you end up excreting out much of it whether it is taken with food or not. If you want to absorb more take more than once a day.


I take 1000mg vitamin C 3@ a day for repair and to keep capillaries clean. It does work, been doing this for 15+ years


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I subscribed to Dr Julian Whitaker's Health & Healing for years. During that time he cited many such studies, each was cited in every monthly publication. He is an MD who belives in optimal health. I have accomplished many thing using the health & supplement ideas that I learned there. They have worked for me, and a number of people I know personally.

I have no problem using what most consider excess supplements, the overage of which are passed in the urine. When I pee out say a $1.00 of unused supplements, I remain more healthy that most people I know, who are younger than my 64 years. Twice a year I get blood tests. My MD and the Dietician I see confirm this twice a year.


Excuse the interuption, and allow me to continue. Oh, the interuption was a friend of mine who 5 years ago could hardly walk up stairs without pain. Following some of the information I got from Dr. Whitaker's Health & Healing, she shows off on stairways, does aerobics, weights and yoga, and takes the host of vitamins that I have learned about over the years.

Being strong & healthy is hard(disciplined, reading, making right decisions) and expensive(vitamins, supplements, chiropractors & exercise equipment). Most men & women can talk it up, few really walk the talk. You are invited to the walk.


yea, it basically cycles throughout your body way longer than regular vitamin c. Almost every major vitamin company makes ester c.


Thanks for that, I'll keep an eye out =)


Women need more iron because the because they lose it with their periods.


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