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Visual Performance Training

www.vizualedge.com came across this, does anyone have any feedback on this type of training? Seems tempting, maybe T-Nation can get the people at vizualedge to do a interview much like the recent one with Dr. Jack Singer? Or perhaps an interview with someone in this field who has worked with athletes and vison training.

I attended an NSCA conference once where the optometrist who came up with this program was speaking. I remember it was interesting, but not much else. (I do lots of drugs at conferences.)

Anyway, here’s the conference report from several years ago:


Sounds like he could have something there. I would still like to hear some opinions, its pretty expensive and I don’t know depending on what kind of training or games they use, seems like it could be a more complicated version of ‘duck hunt’ or that police arcade shooter. Those would probably help if you played them a lot… or maybe its just a mumbo jumbo way to make money?