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Visiting West Virginia, Need Advice

I’m from England (I’m 16) and in two weeks I’m going to West Virginia to a summer camp. Travelling alone to a place I’ve never been before and where I know no one. I’m just looking for advice at this point

If you hear banjos in the woods, RUN!

Really though. WV is a great outdoors state. Beautiful mountains and forest. Have fun. When I was a kid we used to camp at a place called Yokums and branch out from there for rock climbing, rattlesnake round-ups and all kinds of good outdoor fun stuff. Black water falls and Seneca Rocks were the main attractions at that point (mid '70s and early '80s.)


Thanks SKzyks for some good tips :slight_smile:

The New River Gorge Bridge,Blackwater Falls,Seneca Rocks :grin:

After looking it up, maybe Yokums isn’t what it used to be. Actually seems like something to be avoided now if the reviews on tripadvisor.com are correct. And they are too numerous to be that far off.

You’ll be fine. Just have fun, and do what you came to do. Depending on what part of West Virginia you are visiting you might actually see some American stereotypes in real life.