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Visiting the States


I am my GF are coming over to the west coast this summer, and i am open to any ideas on what to do and what to see.

We have around 20 days, want to take it easy and go to things like the grad canyon et al, but any insider tips, would help.

In the winter we will go to NYC, but until then, whats your advice.

Money is a consideration, but will fly internally.


You should come to Detroit so we can rob you and steal your car. Its a nice place...really.

There was a car accident yesterday somewhere in Detroit and the guy who got hit got out of his car WITH AN AK-47 and shot the guy who hit his car 3 times. But seriously, its a nice place.


OK, we are not coming to the sates,

Kosavo, here we come.

No, any ideas, PLEEAASE. My girlfriend is already organising it.


Well, 20 days is actually a pretty nice chunk of time to spend so you will not need to do a bunch of rushing around.

For near perfect weather and beautiful views, I am a fan of San Diego. You can check out the San Diego Zoo, Seaworld, etc.

Also, to get the flipside from Southern Cal, check out San Francisco as well.

As a wine fan, maybe check out Napa Valley as well? Sweep the GF off her feet with a balloon ride over some vineyards?

Being an East Coast guy, my recommendations for the West Coast are few, mostly due to a lack of knowledge. Definitely post again when you hit NYC and such in Winter...


Kuz actually got it pretty good.

Places to visit:

  • South Cali (you can flight straight into LAX, plenty of flights from the UK)

  • Hollywood - Universal Studios, Kodak Theatre / Chinese Theatre / Hollywood Walk of Fame, and you can go to CBS Television City and see Craig Ferguson taping his show (http://www.cbs.com/latenight/latelate/)
    (I assume you know who the bloke is. If not, look him up!). Seeing a show being taped is a fascinating experience, that gives you an idea how things work over here, and since Craig is a Scot you can do it while still feeling a sense of connection to the "Old Country" (like he calls it).

  • San Diego - you can drive down from LA (longish, but cheaper than flying since you WILL need to rent a car anyway); give it at least a couple of days there, walk around as much as you can, lot's of stuff to visit from the Zoo to the USS Midway, great restaurants too

  • Northern Cali

  • You can drive up from LA / SD but it is a 8 to 10-hour drive. Flights are cheap and only 45 minutes from LAX to SFO. Focus on San Francisco and the North Bay (Napa, Marin County). Stay in San Francisco, and DO NOT rent a car there. Unless you want to experience driving on streets that look like they're in a war zone. Stay in a hotel nearby Union Square, and start your trip there; you can do some shopping and then take the Cable car over, stop in Chinatown, sight-see, hop back on and go to Fisherman's Wharf. Take the ferry to Alcatraz and Angel Island.

On another day, go back on the Cable Car to Fisherman's Wharf, but this time rent a bike and take a ride through Fort Mason, the Marina / Golden Gate Park, visit the Contemporary Art Museum, then continue to The Presidio, and cross over the Golden Gate Bridge. On a Sunny day, it's breathtakingly beautiful, so take your camera and enjoy the views.

On another day, take a bus tour over the bridge to Napa. There are plenty of organized tours, inquire at the hotel. The weather is again important, but you already missed the bulk of the bad weather (Nov - Feb) and it's not like you're spoiled with good weather over there.

You can come down the Peninsula to the South Bay, but unless you're a geek interested in seeking Stanford and the Silicon Valley (Google, Verisign, Cisco, eBay, etc.) I wouldn't see why you would. Unless you want to buy some Biotest supps to take with you on the plane back -- PM me if you do.

  • Washington State / British Columbia

  • Seattle, WA and Vancouver, BC are great. The landscapes are amazing and especially Vancouver is really, really nice. It will require a trip over the border, but for British citizens on tourism it's easy, no worries there.

  • Grand Canyon

  • You can then take a plane south to visit the Canyon. From there you can go to:

  • Las Vegas

  • Go there. 'nuff said.

PM me if you want more details. The US West Coast is my turf, my proud home, so I'll have to answer any questions that will help you take the most of what it has to offer.


Whatever you do, make sure to avoid New Jersey.

It's mostly like Hell, only uglier and smellier.

Follow that simple rule and you're good to go.


Go to:

San Francisco
Volcanos, Lassen or Shasta.

This is my list if I were doing stuff in NOCAL.


whoa, whoa, whoa, thats my home state your talking about there.

p.s. most of the stuff(everything)he said is true.


also is that right in England, because here (USA) we say, my girlfriend and I, not I am my Girlfriend. Also I'm not trying to be a jerkass or anything, just wondering.


That's funny coming from a Canadian.

We don't want you here anyway- especially guys like you. Fuck off.


I thought about that, but he said "West" and honestly visting all those places will take a lot of time driving or a lot of money flying... taking away from other places in the Western US.

Anyway, miniross, if are up for it, the above are all beautiful places indeed.


Truth hurts, huh?

Well don't worry. Unless my bloated, rotting corpse ever washes up on one of your lovely beaches (improving the place, I might add) there's no chance of ever seeing me there.


Yes, i can sewe why that is confusing, and no, generally we dont say that. My poor grammer is the source of that.


Thanks. this will help a lot.

I did consider going up to one of the parks as flying is relatively cheap compared to what we can pay in europe.


Dude I want to answer this and help but I am f*cking tired. PM me. Quickly, I like RS's ideas.

I say:
Start in San Diego.
Go to the zoo.
Raid TC's frig.
Go to Disney Land.
Check out the beaches along LA ... Orange County, Santa Monica, Malibu.
Pass through Hollywood and Bev Hills.
Drive to the Grand Canyon.
Drive thru Vegas
Drive to Death Valley.
Drive up the back road to Yosemite and come in the back side.
Hit Lake Tahoe.
Head over to Napa and Sonoma. (note, Napa is the Disney Land of wine ... Sonoma is just as good, cheaper, and more laid back)
Head over to Muir Woods north of San Fran.
Hang out in San Fran for a few days.
Go to the Beach Chalet over on the coast and drink their beer and eat that good as f*ck calamari.

Man, that's an awesome 20 days.