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Visiting NYC and Washington D.C


So I will be going to D.C. and NYC in a few days. I'll have approx. 1 week in DC and 4 days in NYC.

What's good to see? Except for the most obvious sites.
And what's good to avoid?


Well you might be short on time to get in there but I had the best meal of my life at Barbuto in the Meat Packing District NY (yes meatpacking district many LOLS). It's Jonathan Waxman's restaurant. Unbelievable.


Love that neighborhood, and not just for the pun but also. My friend is NYFD, and I'M so excited to go lift with him in January. BUT, does anyone know of a decent NOT SNOBBY gym in Manhattan where I can get a day pass?



In DC, if you have a nice weather day, you have to go up to the terrace restaurant/bar at the W hotel (the old Hotel Washington) on 14th street. Best view of the city. Another cool thing is to go up in the bell tower of the old Post Office. Hardly anyone goes to it, but it has amazing panoramic views of the city. I know it's a "usual" but you have to walk around the tidal basin and the mall (end to end).

NYC, I always advise people coming here to take an Apple/Grey line tour bus around Manhattan 1st thing. From there, you will see and hear about things that interest you and you can then go back and hit those up, or you can get off the bus you are on, check something out, and get on another bus a little later for no additional cost. If you don't have an agenda, this is the best place to start, imo.



The obvious things in DC are actually all pretty good if you've never seen them before. The Tidal Basin is a great looking place at night. The B&O canal is a pretty nice walk, especially where it overlooks Great Falls. There's a lot of stuff at the zoo and in the different museums that you really can't see anywhere else. Also, they're free. After growing up around DC, I'm always a little surprised when I go to other cities and have to pay for admission.

If you're a drinker, there's lots of neighborhoods to pub crawl with their own styles. Georgetown, Adams Morgan, around Dupont Circle, U Street, etc. Outside of that, if you love Asian food, I claim it's the best in America and possibly in the world. There's great Chinese in Rockville, Korean in Annandale and Vietnamese at 7 Corners.

As for New York. Don't see the sites. Just start walking. I always end up following the same plan. Pub crawl the East Village, free pizza at the Crocodile Lounge and keep wandering. 3 AM hits and it's yakitori or sliders in St. Marks, K-town for fried chicken, or congee in Chinatown. Falafel is for sissies.