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Visiting Japan


Hi all. I am going to Japan soon and am wondering if anyone can give me some advice/info. I searched and found that steroids are legal there for personal use but other than that I couldn't find much info.

Anyone who has been there or lives there, where is the best place to get gear from/where to avoid and any other advice or info I would appreciate. I am going to be near Iwakuni but may go to Tokyo for some portion of the trip. Thanks


Are you going to be there for a significant amount of time (at the very least 3 months)? If not, I wouldn't bother.

To answer part of your question, yes, you can, indeed, import AAS for personal use and this is perfectly legal. Don't expect to just be able to walk into a pharmacy and pick out what you want, though. This isn't Thailand.

I will not give you a source since you only have one post to your name, but you should be able to find places to buy whatever you need by putting the proper search terms into google. It helps if you can read Japanese or at least have a Japanese friend, but it isn't completely necessary, if you're really determined.


I have a source there, but I'm still trying to determing if they are legit or not! Nobody seems to have heard of them.


Ya I just registered today ha Ive been just lurking and reading for the past few months figured it was time. I was hoping you would post cuz I saw your location in other threads. Thanks for the info. If its ok Im gonna PM you with a quick question. Thanks