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Visiting Cressey Performance in Boston


I'm going to be visiting cressey performance in Boston the 7th thru the 11th. I will be staying in Hudson by the facility but am going to drive into Boston a few days to look around.

Any tips on what to see/do in Boston or Hudson while I'm there?

Anyone want to get a beer ?


If you have some spare coin I would highly recommend going to the Bruins game on the 8th. It is the season opener vs. the Flyers. Hard to find a better way to get a feel for the local vibe in Boston than a Bruins game. You will probably need to buy tickets online.

Otherwise, be sure to get some seafood. Legal Seafood is always a good choice with several locations in the area, and there are countless other local joints that know how to serve it up. Atlantic Fish was great, but quite pricy. A few others I just can’t recall right now. Pretty hard to go wrong in Boston.

If you like touristy stuff, walking the Liberty Trail is a fun experience, especially with cool fall weather.

If you prefer sitting on your ass, get a Duck Boat tour. They are right in front of the Prudential Center.

I’d get a beer with you, but I’m a few hundred miles north in Maine and I’m not supposed to be drinking beer right now.

Enjoy New England!


Climb the bunker hill memorial. It’s actually across the river in Charlestown, but it’s pretty cool. The USS Constitution is also in Charlestown. In Boston proper, you can take the freedom trail (the above two sites are technically part of the freedom trail, but they are sort of out of the way).


Bruins game is an A+ idea. Head over to the North End and get a taste of the Italian flavor.