Visit to the Doctor

I went in to the doctor because I can have my blood levels checked and the insurance pays for it. Anyways, I noticed my “boys” getting smaller over a while, and am in a depressed state with a lack of sex drive…turns out my test levels are almost 200 below normal they should be…I’m afraid this will halt my weight lifting…I did manage to bulk up to 175 though. At 19…should this be a concerne? Would steroids help this? or make it worse? Maybe some HCG injections? to get the boys pumping again?

self prescribing is NOT the way to go.

i hope EVERYONE on this site agrees…

talk to your doctor for a bit - see what he thinks. I have my own ideas, but you need to make sure your relationship with your doctor is a healthy and productive one… as it seems you may be seeing a little more of him than you were… :wink:

no. not sex lad. not sex.


yeah, my doc is awesome, we used to actually play golf together, when I worked at the golf course he goes to…I think I may just be able to convince him for some real “good” hormone replacement…lol

At 19 you’d be best to try to increase your testosterone naturally through supplements, fatty foods, and heavy compound lifts.

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Well, he didn’t give us the actual numbers, nor did he give us the scale…So we don’t have much to go off of.

I just figured at 19 it wouldn’t hurt to try and naturally achieve normal test levels before making a long term commitment to HRT.