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Visit the Wizard


I was watching a clip on NFL network and they were doing the 225LBS bench press test w/ Brian Cushing. The strength and conditioning coach in the NFL Combine mentioned something about "Visiting the Wizard"...I'm guessing it has some association w/ weight lifting, but I have no idea what it means. Does anybody know what its means?


You never met the wizard? lmfao


The wizard?

probably a specific coach that deals with thos "pre competition" fine tune ups


It's a reference to Borat. "She have vaginya like sleeve of wizard..."


It means to bench press 225, appearently. Some guys warm up with the wizard...


Defranco? Didnt he train with him leading up to the draft?


That's what I was thinking, lmao.


talking about the wizzer move, where they nervously hold lab-cup with roid grip


It's a reference to Arnold.