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Visit From The Estrogen Fairy


Well I've been taking M1T at 10mg a day since Saturday. Sunday evening I could feel some "activity" in my lower left pec. It's tingling sort of like something is spilling in that area. The nipples however are not sensitive or pinned out. Today is Wednesday and the tingling is still there and I haven't taken any M1T. I was thinking of using some aromasin I believe to keep estrogen levels normal during the cycle or some rebound xt. The reboutnd is easy to get but aromasin I don't know why I'm just paranoid about having that stuff sent to my place with the recent busts and all. I didn't think M1T was estrogenic like that, and I never heard of anyone having the problems I've had. I take tribulus in the morning and at night as well, just to fill in some info.
Any comments or suggestions here, besides the fact I should have had an anti e before starting? Yes I know, I'm a dumb ass.


M1-T is suppressive. You should have done your homework. Now go and stand in the corner of the class you naughty boy! And get some decent PCT while you are standing with your back to the class..


I'll spare you the lecture.

Do this in order:
1. google: "innovative research net"
2. pick option 3 on the results
3. order your research chemicals
4. remove package from mailbox
5. since it is a research chemical you will test 60mg per day on your hamster until his gyno subsides. hamsters can get mean gyno from the wheel turning thing
6. once he starts to feel relief, you can taper down his nolva doses to 40 and 20
7. smile and feel happy that your hamster wont have bitch tits this summer
8. most importantly, LISTEN and READ.

M1T has more negative overall reviews than positive ones that i have read. I know these things are tempting but dont do them if you dont have everything planned for. Yes you are a dumbass but use this as a learning experience and ask questions if you dont know.

you might get flamed but this is the internet so it comes with the territory and someone will help eventually.

lecture over


im skipping the googling of this and just going to ask: In a nut shell, what is M1T ?



Hi Synth,

Methyl 1-testosterone. A prohormone that was legal for about five minutes. I've heard much more negative comments on this stuff than positive, so my advice to anyone would be to give it a huge body swerve.



BTW check out http://www.T-Nation.com/readTopic.do?id=926526 and read M4L80's horror story.


Thanks for the reply guys. The worst thing about this is that I knew this could happen and just said the hell with it. Also if someone would ask the question I did I would be like "what an idiot!" I did order some liquid nolva a while back and the money order was sent back saying they couldn't send the package to my place. At least they sent my money back.
For now the only solution I can quickly get is a bottle of rebound. The tingling is down already today, however I won't have the rebound until Saturday because of work. If the tingling is still there Saturday and I use the rebound and it goes away I will go back on M1T using the rebound to keep estrogen under control, then for pct with tribulus and creatine with zma. Will taper the rebound to avoid one of it's own (input welcome here anywhere else as well)
Seriously guys I feel real stupid posting this and asking advice for something I already know I shouldn't have done. Why would I use M1T if it's such crap? Obvioulsy the price. Very cheap. I know the rebound option is kind of like "bringing a knife to a gun fight" (p 22 ) Also cost effective wise the reseach chems are the way to go.
I don't mean to sound like I'm second guessing what someone told me, but here's a question to a doubt I have. I was told that it is in fact legal to order these research chems. The fact they say they are not for human consumption or something making this legal. Thoughts on this?

       will keep you posted,
                            tin can


please follow my steps as outlined above. if anyone gets in trouble for selling them it will be the distributor. i seriously doubt the feds will go after clients that bought a legal product without being able to prove they used it for research. i have ordered before as well as a bunch of my friends with no issue. in fact, i have never read of an issue with this on any forum. seach Anthony Robert's articles, their was an interview with a lady that covered this topic.

hope that helps.


That was a good post. I mean a retarded chimpanzee could follow those instructions and it would work. Remember these are for experiments! I am in the process of getting some. Now if I could only say that in the sex and the male animal forum and have it mean that!

            tin can


Just thought I would keep you guys posted on the gyno issue. I can't see any lumps or anything... Just a tingling sensation like I had described before. But it's been 4 days since I've stoped the M1T. I had only been on it for 4 days as well. The feeling is very consistant, just not going away. Tomorow I will start using rebound praying it will work. Hopefully that will keep it under control until I get some nolva.

Fucking estrogen fairy! I shall get my revenge on that dirty little bitch! Anything I do wrong until then I can blame on her and will say the estrogen fairy made me do it. She actually made me say that.

                  tin can


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K....Whoah Whoah...All this m1-t horror story shit?...I've taken like 8 cycles of the shit...My side effects?...hmmm....no fevers....no crazy ass attacks...none of that shit...A little more muscle....but Don't think that's a bad thing...Couple times I've had a bit of a...how'd you put it...faster heart beat...but that's a bit of a pump unto itself far as I'm concerned...If it bothers you....get mad at it and take out that anger in the gym...If you want to do it...fucking do it...don't let anyone talk you out of it...Just beware the risks and realize that buddy's horror story is like another buddy's horror story bout getting stranded in the middle of the ocean because of a cruise....impossible?...nah but definitely out of the ordinary...that's for sure....so you gonna let that stop you from takin a cruise?...that's up to you...there's my two cents if anyone gives a shit...C'est tout