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Vision’s Lacrosse Training Log


Three weeks and no drainage sounds pretty weird to me too, though I am not qualified at all in this area.Is your doctor a GP or a specialist? If he is a GP maybe there is no harm in getting a second opinion?


He’s my GP, I just don’t know where I’d find a specialist for this.
I’ve gotten multiple opinions from Physios. Some say it will pass with time, some say it will need to be drained.


Tuesday February 5, 2019
Bike and thoracic mobilizing

1- Prone Angels: 4x15 with 2s
2- Pushups with neck weight: 18, 18, 18, 18, 12
3- Side Plank Ts with neck weight: 3x15 each side with 8
4- Neck flexion isometrics with Swiss ball: 3 sets

My finger is healing too slowly so I’m trying to not aggravate it with my upper body workouts (I’m sure I was before)


Wednesday February 6, 2019

Foam Rolling
1- 1-Leg Lateral Hops: 3x20 each leg
2- Goblet Lateral Lunges: 3x10 each leg with 50
3a- Elevated Reverse Lunge: 10, 10, 15 each leg with 35s
3b- Med Ball V-Ups: 3x20 with 10
4a- Swiss Ball Leg Curls: 20, 20, 15
4b- 1-Leg Calf Raises: 3x12 BW


Friday February 8, 2019

1- TRX Rows: 15, 15, 15, 12, 12 all with head weight
2- Pushups: 18, 18, 18, 16, 16, 18 all with head weight
3- 4-Way Neck Isometrics: 3 sets each


Sunday, February 10, 2019

Foam Rolling

  1. 1-leg Lateral hops: 3x20 barefoot
  2. Skater Lateral Jumps: 3x10 each way
  3. 1-Leg Leg Press: #10x8, #12x8, #14x8, #16x8 each leg
  4. Adductor Side Plank: 3 sets of 30 sec each side
  5. Straight leg Bridge w/ Single leg raise: 2x6 each side, then had to switch it up because the stress was too high at my knee
  6. Swiss ball Leg Curls: 2x18


Couldn’t get to the gym today due to weather.

Pushups: 8x20


Is your knee improving at all?


No improvement yet …

Wednesday February 13, 2019

Foam rolling
1a- Goblet Squats: 3x30 with 50
1b- Pallof Press: 3x15 each side
2a- Lying Ls: 3x15 with 3s
2b- Push-up variations: 3 sets
3a- Iso Seal Rows: 3x5 10 seconds with 50s
3b- V-Ups: 3x15 with med ball


Thursday February 14, 2019

Rec league lacrosse game, first time in over a month. My knee felt okay - no pain just tightness and some jiggling. My finger is still really bad though. We won 11-7 or something like that, scores 3 or 4

I have practice tonight with my real team. I may just go light though.


Sunday February 17, 2019

Played in my first real game in 5 weeks. My knee felt pretty good throughout the game. I fell on it a few times and it’s a bit sore to touch now but I wasn’t limited too much. Oddly the liquid sack pretty much disappeared after playing, maybe from the movement or the compression. It’s still swollen though and there is a hard lump above my patella, at the quad tendon I believe.

I almost made it through the game but with two minutes remaining I got slashed directly on my bad finger. It was in serious pain but x-rays show no fracture.

We won 9-7 and are now sitting in second place.

Back on the advil and ice. Hopefully I’ll be good to suit-up on Saturday.