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Vision Quest


The setting:
Ten miles deep in a Georgia pineforest. Not a soul around but you. 100 degree heat on a hot summer day with the humidity spiking.

The place:
An old military training bunker made of old concrete blocks. The roof is made of rotting wood & water is dripping thru it onto the dirty dusty concrete floor. No lights. just the sunshining thru the holes in the roof and the concrete walls. No mirrors. The only reflection you see is in the puddle of dripping water on the floor.

The equipment:
No machines. No cables. No electronic cardio contraptions. Nuthing but old rusty iron plates and bars, & a bunch of concrete blocks lying around. No padded benches and hi-tech lifting stations to use.

The plan:
Build a few lifting stations out of the concrete blocks and old rusty bars you got lying around. You manage to put together a squat, dip, & pull up station by stacking a bunch of concrete blocks atop one another. Enough to rest a bar atop the concrete blocks. Your bench is made of 6 concrete blocks lying lengthwise in two rows of three blocks lying end to end. The bench posts are made of 2 stacks of concrete blocks with a bar resting atop.

The inspiration:
There is nothing on the wall but the three pictures you brought with you. You managed to secure them on the wall by using some old axel grease from an old broken down jeep outside the bunker.
The first picture is of your first love; the one that tore your heart out & left you hanging there with your dick in the wind. The second is of the kid that you grew up with and used to beat the shit out of you. The third is of your father; the one who inspired you to become the person that could be. There is no radio or stero to get you into the mood. But, you start to hear the sound of your favorite workout song in your head. You have heard it so may times that every beat is fixed into your memory. Now your fired up. Your ready. Nothing is going to stop the beast inside you from exploding.

The routine:
You find the first bar you can and begin affixing iron plates to it. Your so fired up thinking about all that have done you wrong. Your addrenaline is firing. Your heartbeat is pounding.

You reach down and grab the bar; not even knowing how much weight is on it, and begin to raise the bar until it is high over your head. You perform a couple of these movements. You perform these lifts a couple of times and decide to try another lift.

You now place the bar on your bench posts and add some more plates. Now your more fired up. You have a bigger challange but you manage to press the weight up a couple of times. After performing this lift a couple of times, you decide to try another one.

You manage to get the bar atop your towering concrete blocks. You add some more plates to this bar because your on fire now. Your determined that nothing can stop you from lifting this. You get under the bar & set it on your shoulders. As you lift the bar off of the concrete, you feel the weight of the world is now on your shoulders. You begin to move this weight by dropping down to the ground and with a driving force that you have never felt before you stand up with this bar screaming at the top of your lungs because the animal in you has taken over. After a few of these movements, you're convinced that you can move anything.

You drop the weight off of the back of your shoulders. The weight begins to crash into the concrete floor and crushing it. Leaving two giant indentations in the concrete floor. You roll this weight out of the holes and begin to add the rest of the plates you can find.

You now have the ultimate challange. If you can move every weight in this bunker, than nothing in the world can stop you. Every thought of everything that ever meant anything to your life is running thru your head. You can hear your fathers voice routing for you. You visualize the face of the one you loved. Your hearts on fire now. You've lost it. You punch two holes into the concrete walls to pysch yourself up. Your hands are left bleeding with concrete chips sticking thru your skin. You feel no pain. All you want to do is be able to move this monster of pain at your feet. You decide to go for it.

You grasp the bar. One final thought goes through your mind. You begin to vision yourself doing the impossible. You all the sudden have an incredible jolt of power and pride. You begin to start moving this bar at it starts to pull apart every muscle in your body. Your struggeling, but your not gonna let go until you've finished completing the vision inside your head. You've given it everything you've got. You're not there yet. You continue on. You're all heart now. You have no strength left to give. You're on the verge of collapse. All the sudden, you're there. You've made it up. You've reached the pinnacle. You're not a man, you're now a machine. A man could never do that. You don't stop there. You're convinced your super human. There is no more weight to lift, you've conquered it all. Now you wanna find out if your a machine or not. You wanna press on and see how far you can go.

You throw a bar atop the concrete fixture. You wanna see if your really a machine. You grasp the bar holding yourself up atop the highest position you can. You begin to lower yourself & press yourself up time and time again until your muscles feel like they're going to explode. You begin to slow down as you tire. But you press on and keep pressing until you can't press no more. You hold there until your body gives out. Not letting go of the bar, as your body gives in but your mind won't. You hold on to the bar and begin to drop below the bar.

Still holding on, you begin to pull yourself up as many times as you can. You're upperbody is on fire. You're losing your hold. Its slipping but you refuse to stop moving. You're a machine. Finally you lose contact with the bar. You drop to your feet. You begin to drop to the floor standing on your feet. You wanna keep this machine moving so you now are lifting yourself up driving with everything you got left. You're still moving constantly until all the sudden you cannot lift yourself up no more. You sink down trying to keep yourself from falling on the floor. You begin to loose your ballance and end up falling foward. But your hands catch you before you hit the floor. Your holding yourself up now. Refusing to let go. Refusing to stop moving. You stretch yourself out and begin moving your body. You're pushing up with everything you got. You know if you stop pushing you will hit the floor. You want to keep going. You have nothing left. You're arms are trembeling, your legs are num, you're body is shaking. You reach your final push with everything you have left. You can barely see from the sweat in your eyes.

You've managed to start to see a reflection of your body in the puddle of water thats under you. You see that you are made of muscle and skin and bone. You're not a machine. You are after all a man. You drop to the floor in exaustion. You now realize you just had the best workout of your life. The vision you had in your mind took you there.

-Mr. Push Ups


Am I the only one thinking. "What the fuck is this dude on?"

I must say nice writing style but what was the motivation, I feel it is rather contrived as to make push ups seem hardcore or important. Sorry it just seemed like the whole thing was to be built up to body weight exercises. Why could'nt he run outside into the woods and eat a live fuckin deer. Or rip the door of the bunker, or take on an army or some shit....boooo...

I don't hate on pushups or nothing, just miss the point of this shit.


Heres my answer.

I found that heavy squats are the most intense exercise there is. Followed by heavy deads. Now on the other hand. I've felt just as much agony an pain after the duration of a long set of dips and especially push ups. I can easily push over a 100 and the pain starts to be unbearable. The squat takes the most out of me in one heavy lift. But at least its quick pain.

And, I could have had the guy run out into the forest and start halucinating and doing all kinds of stuff. Like killing Bin Laden with his bare hands. Meeting a naked Pam Anderson down by a stream, but I wanted to keep it realistic. lol


Also, I wanted to convey the importance of both muscular strength & muscular endurance. Your gonna need both if you wanna chase down a jaquar and kill it with your bare hands.


Where's BULKING MACHINE when you need him?


You are on glue.


I pay my dues every day.



Oh by the way,

The toughest exercise I've done is a bodyweight exercise. "The Squat"

This is probably the single best exercise known to man. Good for the entire body.

When you have to lift 100's of lbs weighing down on your shoulders that could make you faint and pass out at any time; which by the way oyu will probably be crushed by the barbell. It makes for a pretty intense exercise.

Pull ups, not so scary...you just drop to the floor.
Deadlifts, not so scary...you just drop the weight on the floor.

Squats...hahaha "the ultimate heavy bodyweight exercise"

People may like barbell exercises like deadlifts & thier great, thier not bodyweight exercises.

But just remember the "squat" no matter how much weight your squatting will always be a "bodyweight exercise"


I know.

I passed out to many times doing squats.
I'm high all the time now.


Holy fuck you're right, that's exactly what I've been training for the last 14 years for. So that I could one day get in good enough shape to chase down a jaguar with my bare hands and kill it. LOLOLOLOLOLOLOL

Nobody in the world could chase down a jaguar with their bare hands and kill it you idiot!!


That was a cool story though. For me it encompasse3d why I do workout...for the workout! I love to workout. Just for the pain and the sweat and to see how much I can lift for how many times. To push my body. To fail. To succeed. I train to train and I love it. Just like the guy in the story.

Am I on glue too??


Well not with that attitude.


Maybe not, But X-Factor wanted to eat a deer and i couldn't think of another animal that you could chase down and eat that would take some strength.

hell you could probably kick a deer in the nuts and it would fall over. i wanted a tougher challange. i was going to say lion but ain't no lions in the ATL...not that there are any jaguars either, but hey i went to Florida State and camped out in those woods on a road trip before and i'm pretty sure i heard a jaquar.

I don't know, we never saw it. My friend went crazy and started firing a 12 guage all over the place.


Don't take this too serious. I'm clinicly insane with some of the ideas I got in my head. This is a very mild version of something I could've wrote.

I can't help it though. This has been my entire life. I used to wrestle. But I didn't even really like that sport. It just gave me an excuse to workout. I use to do be a concrete laborer. I personally took that job just so I could run a wheelbarrel all day and build my body up.

I blame "Arnold"
Ever since 1984 and I first saw the Terminator, I've been reeled in & obsessed with working out. I've been drawn to it. I can stay away from it. Hell I use to hold myself up as long as I could while having sex, just so i could build up my triceps.

Call me crazy. Call me whatever you want. Just don't call me lazy.

I'll be doing sit ups in my coffin. I'll pop that bitch open & come back from the dead just so I can workout my skeleton.

Theres a mental picture. A dead guy working his abs. Now thats what I call dedication.

"Fuckin Arnold"


This dude is soooo Matt Furey.


Who is Matt Furey?

Thats like the 3rd time Ive been accused of being that guy. Was he some crazy nutt like me and got banned or something?

I'm lost.
Who is that?


I know I was kinda hard on the guy for being incomprehensible but now I really miss him. I don't find Mr. Push Ups to be entertaining or witty or even tolerable, but man, that Bulking Machine, he was something.

If that cat wrote a book, I'd buy a dozen first editions.


It would be helpful if you knew what a bodyweight exercise was, LOL what a douche

Bodyweight= using just your body

Adding external loads no longer makes it a bodyweight exercise.

You're not insane, just a little nuts :smiley:


You would?
How much you willing to pay?


I'll write ya some PRIMAL RAGE books.
All I have to do is: drop my I.Q. down about 85 points. Pretend I'm stronger and bigger than I really am. Actually try to impress people that have a 5th of the experience I have. Regurgitate someones else's material. Sound like I know what I'm talking about. And declare the masters of the universe are little devils running around inside your head.