Vision Problems from Clomid, Switch to Nolvadex/Tamoxifen and HCG?


I am a 31y. o. male, doing light cycles on and off for 6years now - non professional, just hobby.

My first cycle was 250mg deca + 250mg test e per week. Then the following were 500mg test e per week + 20mg anavar daily which had very little side effects so I stuck with that .

Mainly for PCT I used 21 days clomid and that’s it - 50mg ED. Doing tests while on Clomid, had results of total test - 8 ng/mL - /// - 27 nmol / L, but also very high estrogen as I have not used SERM which proves IMO that my HPTA is working correctly

Doing tests after months of PCT had results of 2 <-> 4.5 ng/mL - /// - 10 <-> 16 nmol / L which is the minimum. Unfortunately, I have not done tests before the first cycle, so I do not know my normal values, which might have been low from the beginning.

In the last 1 year I have been having mild issues with my vision - meaning I am under the impression I am seeing a bit double. Not sure if it’s from Clomid or not as it gave me no other side effects like mood swings, but I am going to start these days PCT, and I am trying to find an alternate formulate.

My question is - would a PCT consisting of Nolvadex / Tamoxifen and HCG be the correct path ? Last time I tried Tamoxifen it gave me zero sex drive, and that scared me, but I do not remember if I added HCG in the mix back then.

Clomid is the least good choice for PCT. Guys use it because other guys use it.

Nolva > enclomiphene > Clomid

No reason not to switch if you’re getting vision sides from the Clomid.