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Vision during workouts

Has anyone had difficulty with their vision during workouts? I had never noticed anything until a week or two ago. To keep the time between sets regimented, I was just using a wall clock on one side of the gym. At the outset of the workout, I could easily make out the little red second hand, but as my workout wore on (in this case legs, but this has happened with other muscle groups as well) I realized that I couldn’t make out the little red hand anymore. I could still make out people’s faces on the other side of the gym, though. Any thoughts?

First: those little red hands are small as shit.
Second: if you had a lot of blood pumping, it’s possible to “red out” vision goes red and consciousness is interrupted. Usually only happens to jet fighter pilots, though.
Three: when I get to the very top of the later reps of sets of deadlifts, I don’t really log the experience; I can still keep count though.
Don’t worry.

time to upp your daily subway sub quantity…

haha! I’m so damn funny! haha!

seriously though when I first did a deadlift I damn near passed out (vision blurred and couldn’t hear cept for that white noise noise) so maybe you are over exerting yourself to the point where your body doesn’t have enough blood for the brain and thus the eyes or what not…

I notice that during longer (6-8+ reps) sets of heavy deadlifts i sometimes forget to breathe. Causes me to partially blackout, etc.

Have the same thing. Vision seems to deteriorate as the workout progresses. Doesn’t seem to affect me long term, but it might be something to check out eventually (as in it’s an omen of a coming need for vision correction).

Yeah that happens to me also but the biggest problem is from going cross eyed when I do big time squats or dead lifts. Whole world goes bent and it can take a few mins to find which planet I’m on again. If your qround 35-40 it can well be that your eyes are getting weaker and the hard work just brings it to your attention or makes it worse. Look at it either way.

Breathe. Oh and two veggie subs a day should do it.