Visceral Fat, Subclinical CV Disease

Saw a weight loss program on the tv last night which mentioned how chlesterol alters lipid values and visceral fat storage.

Spent pretty much the whole day researching this but am struggling to find any answers on how aas effect visceral fay storage.

So my question is really to the vets or anyone who has used aas for a long while, ave any of you had your visceral fat checked?

From what i have gathered, it is fairly costly procedure and not available unless a patient is morbidly obese, so i suspect not many people will have undergone the scan.

So i would appreciate a link or pointer if anyone has researched this subject with more sucess than myself.

fat people have lots of visceral fat.

skinny people don’t

aas, in general, helps keep bodyfat low…

including visceral fat

Higher than normal levels of testosterone seem to protect visceral fat. Studies have confirmed this
The possible explanation is that testosterone causes “male fat pattern distribution”.

AS with anti-glucorticoid effects like trenbolone, methyltrienolone, anavar and halotestin seem to target visceral fat.

Fat has androgen receptors as well, which will mobilise fat when stimulated.

17aa’s seem to be more potent for fat loss than 17-b’s.

Those were some random things…

I have read similar throughout todays research, but thankyou for confirming those facts for me, one thing i hadnt considered was anti-glucortoidal effect from substances such as anavar.

I apologise for my lack of info in the o/p but thankyou for responses so far.

I will post a full report when i have concluded my research, i just wanted to get the thread started beforehand to give me extra pointers for the research