Visceral Fat and Andriol

Totally new to this forum (joined just yesterday) and amazed with the wealth of great information available. Thanks to all!

I was viewing Dr Bebb’s lecture(Harvard Study pg 4) and found it fascinating the adverse role visceral fat plays in metabolic syndrome and general pathology. So, the obvious question is if there is any benefit to using testosterone udecanoate (Andriol) as a means to reduce visceral fat as mentioned by Dr Bebb. I.E. is it known to work in this application?

From my readings it would seem that this oral version has a better safety profile as it is not absorbed via the portal vein but rather through lymphatics and intestinal tract. Your thoughts and views are immensely appreciated.
BTW I’m about to start my trt and the insights provided here insure a greater sense of understanding of what lies ahead. Thanks again!

Andriol is sort of bogus, see what you can find here:

It still probably increases SHBG and E2 from first pass effects.

Are you in Canada?

You can loose fat with any effective TRT.

Elevated E2 increased fat and makes fat loss difficult or impossible.
Fat increases E2 which makes more E2 - it is a trap

T:E2 ratio is important.

If Andriol works, your HPTA shuts down and LH–>zero. Testes will most likely shrink and atrophy, risking sterility. So you need to then inject hCG. As long as you are sticking needles in your body, inject T and stop playing games with Andriol.

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Andriol = JOKE. Waste of time.