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Virus, Heart Attack & Nutrition Advice

Hi Guys. Every now and then someone turns to this forum for some advice when a loved one gets sick, and usually the advice is good. So please listen up if you have any knowledge of this…

My Dad had a very severe virus about 5 months ago, the name of which I am actually unaware of (I’m not sure they even even got to the bottom of it for a diagnosis!). Unfortunately he has suffered a bad heart attack, and from what I know, the virus may be linked to this, via extreme inflammation/immune response?

If anyone can suggest the best nutritional recovery protocol, I’d be extremely grateful. I am going along the lines of good fats (especially FO) & anti-oxidants (any specific ones?). However, I’m particularly concerned about the presence of the virus which I have heard can linger undiagnosed.

Thanks in advance

Sorry to hear about your dad.

I’m no doctor, but it might be a good idea to research Resveratrol. Fish oil seems like the first option to turn to though as you mentioned.

I would do a lot of research before putting your dad onto any out-of-the-ordinary supplements.

One of my good friends had/has a virus that specifically kept attacking his heart, which made him sick for quite some time. He’s had the virus for roughly 3 years now; its symptoms come and go. He eventually had a very minor heart attack a few months ago but is doing quite well, regardless.

I would say this: make sure your father doesn’t do any overly strenuous activity. He’s already had a heart attack, so you don’t want his hear to have to work any more than it wants to. Also, get him on a good, healthy diet. Make sure he watches what he eats. Eat clean, natural/whole foods. I would say that if it’s processed, it might be a bad idea. Try to get him to eat as natural as possible. Lots of fruits and veggies and meats. Hell, have him eat a well-rounded diet.

I’d say fish oil is a good idea, as it’ll help with inflammation, as rsg said. Also echoing him, stay away from supplements at this point in time. Get him on a good diet and activity schedule first.

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Thanks for the replies. I in fact have to update the situation. The hospital have now confirmed that initially they suspected a serious heart attack, but now say he did not have a heart attack, but had heart failure (his arteries etc are fine and seemingly unaffected). He will now be tested to see if they can locate the problem (afraid I am cynical about conventional medicine in some respects so I don’t hold great hope here - but do very much respect their efforts).

I should add that 18 months ago my father was treated for Acromegally (excess Growth Hormone) caused by a pituitary tumour. He did not have chronic health problems from this but he was strongly advised that it would damage his health if left untreated (he had probably had this for 30 years - the guy has huge hands lol!). Would have been huge if he’d trained too! I used to joke I wanted to get him on the weights because he had great genetic potential. Anyway, I digress…The op went well according to the docs and he made a good recovery. Acromegally can apparently affect the heart but as I said, every test done showed all his profiles to be in very good order (he’s had an active job, very lean, better than average diet, active).

Then he was struck down with this mystery virus during which time he was pretty seriously ill for 2-3 months. To be honest, since then for the past 6 months he’s got better but lost a bit of muscle mass and hasn’t looked as healthy. And - importantly they never diagnosed the virus (confirmed this today from my mum).

So we have a bit of a health puzzle - could be the medication, could be the operation/hormone problems, or as i suspect it could be virus related (which may be caused by the aforementioned hormone issues)…

again, thanks for your help guys.