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Virus Alert!

Just a note, there’s a virus out there that starts with a letter that reads:

Hi! How are you?

I send you this file in order to have your advice

See you later. Thanks

This is one of those replicating bastards that somehow sends itself to people saying it came from you. I’ve gotten about 40 of them so far today and some people are writing me saying they’ve gotten the same letter from me! But I didn’t write or send it. The title and person sending it are usually different, but the message is always the same. DO NOT OPEN THE ATTACHED DOCUMENTS that come with the e-mail. I’ll pass along more info once I figure out how to kill this bug. If anyone knows how, please pass along the info.

Will Biotest come up with an e-supplement to combat these deadly viruses from affecting our

MacAffe has an update for their detection software. Most anti-virus companies have updates almost daily. Go to whichever you use and download the update. To prevent in the future, disable ‘auto-launch’ or ‘auto-exicute’…whatever the damn thing is called. if the auto-whatever is off then the only way the virus will launch will be if you click on the link. to prevent ever ever ever getting a virus again… USE A MAC.

Chris, I’ve been getting them too. Luckily I don’t open unsolicited attachments. Ug, it is annoying!

Go to symantec.com or mmcafee.com and get your computer scanned to see which virus you have, then look up the virus on the site and read their instructions for cleaning it off.

To Michelle
If my memory doesn´t fail me totaly, so isn´t it a least bit harder to make a virus for a mac. (Programming isn´t my cup of tea).
I think that because most people use PC (IBM) it makes a bigger “market” for viruses on them plus that infamous MS-Windows who a lot of crackers/hackers seems to hate…
(Any spelling and/or grammar errors I blame on the facts that I´m tired and that english isn´t my native language)

actually macs are extremely difficult to write viruses for, as there is no way to get programs to ‘auto run’ macs can get worms, but they are relatively non-aggressive,just annoying…and there are only three or four of them in existance. most active pc viruses are spread by people haveing ‘auto run’ features enabled. and, since microsoft products have automatic features built into them all over the place it is much easier to attack the pc world. about 20% of people have macs, you’re right pc’s are the majority of the market share, but currently there is nothing that can attack a mac system.

The virus is called W32.Sircam.Worm@mm and it’s one of the biggies going around right now. I’m still working on fixing it. The tool at symantec isn’t available right now. Tech support from my server says there is no tool to fix it tight now since the virus in only a couple of days old.

There is supposedly a fix here: http://www.sarc.com/avcenter/venc/data/w32.sircam.worm@mm.removal.tool.html

I had to run it twice to clean my machine. BTW, I’ve received this virus from over 10 people today who didn’t know they had it, so be careful. You will most likely not know you have it as not all anti-virus software can catch it. Update yours now just in case.

Just to reiterate what Michelle said: GET A MAC! I’ve been using Macs for years, and have never once had a problem with viruses. Plus, they have a lot more style than anything in the Wintel community…

To Michelle
Ops… didn´t knew that, but I´m not gone change to mac just because they are virusproof, mater of fact I sold my mac i while ago but i regret it know since it could made a good kettleball for my Coach Davis training :slight_smile:
(Old shool mac with a carrying handel)

You can have your PC and be virus free. Just
don’t run an OS from Micro$oft. There’s Linux,
FreeBSD, Solaris, Plan9, etc. You’ll get much
better performance also.

I haven’t received the virus but many are .vbs files(VBScript). Since you must have a scripting engine(comes with IE) installed for these to execute. The MAC platform is not supported but MS is developing VB Script engines for many UNIX based platforms, so Mac’s may become susceptible in the future. Most of these viruses are “developed” by teenagers/college students with nothing better to do with their time and only a modicum of talent/knowledge. Many simply copy viruses from cracker websites, perform a few modifications and release them. It makes them feel powerful and important, they should read Testosterone and spend that excess time in the gym if they want to feel big and powerful. OK, just my two cents.

Yeah I have been getting these stupid emails the past few days. The virus part is annoying, but what pisses me off more is the fact that I have a phone modem connection and everytime I go to mail and go thru the recieving mail bs it is so slow because of the attachment.

So basically I would like to strangle the little prick who started this virus for wasting my precious computer time by sending me emails lol.

Got it today…deleted it. Thanks for the warning.