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Virilization Scenario


I understand that virilization from TRT is largely dependent on genetic variables, but I had a scenario question:

Given that estrogen levels remained constant, can virilization REVERSE in a TRT patient who lowers their T dosage? Let's say for example, 200mg/wk to 100mg/wk.

I'm talking voice deepening, body/facial hair, loss of sub-cutaneous facial fat, etc.

Thank you.


If a man's voice gets deeper after T replacement that would often indicate a major issue w/T throughout their teens. It's mostly women who's voices deepen on steroids, much to the horror of the average person. Virilization traits aren't going to change much from my understanding. That additional back hair I've gotten isn't going anywhere fortunately (sarcasm pause)

Your deeper voice DEFINITELY won't go back to a higher pitch.

Facial fat and the influence of T? I would think only excess fat in general is going to cause this, not a hormone - unless you're a man who's E balloons. But any fat distribution that is dependent upon exogenous hormones will resume it's previous characteristics if that hormone is stopped. Having said that, going from 200 to 100mg/week isn't going affect jack.


You will see older guys who have lost hair below the knees, which seems to be from longer term low T levels. 200mg/wk --> 100mg/wk is not going to have such effects.