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Virginia - The New Florida?

Well, this is just my weather rant. I know most of the inhabitants of the mid-atlantic are probably loving this “balmy” weather here but I for one can’t stand it. I love cold weather, and more importantly, I love snow. I’m sure there have to be some skiers, boarders, or just plain snow lovers out there who agree with me!

Yet, here we are, in Virginia (and the rest of the mid-atlantic) on January 3, and it’s 65 degrees. I’ll be wearing a t-shirt and shorts. And, I could go running shirtless and be entirely comfortable. Now, of course, you expect this to happen in this area for a day or two… but looking at the forecasts, there is no end in sight. Highs wont fall below 50 for 2 weeks plus. Can I get a nice loud “WTF?”

Then you look at snow totals - so far the Mexican border of Texas has more snow than Northern VA/DC area, or even the normally chilly Shenandoah Valley… another “WTF?”

I have no idea what the deal is. People who have lived here a while (parents, grandparents, etc) assure me its normally cold here in the winter. I’m beginnning to wonder though - in my 5 years here I’ve experienced maybe 2 “real” winters. I’m not even sure how ski resorts can stay in business when the low temps are higher than the average highs for weeks on end.

Anyway, I digress. Maybe I just need to give up on Virginia and move… to Minneapolis, or Green Bay, or Salt Lake City. Somewhere where winter exists. The number 1 thing I hated about living in Houston,TX (where I grew up) was that winter was non-existant. Yet it seems Virginia, despite my love for it otherwise, is becoming the same way!

In seven days, we swung from low 80s, to 5 inches of snow, back to the low 80s.

We were kinda in the same boat as Virginina, 60+ degrees and all that. Then in the span of 30 minutes, the temp dropped about 20 degrees into the 40’s. That was about 3:00 p.m. local. I believe it’s still about that. Got some god awful amounts of rain. It’s supposed to be heading east, but it could fizzle out before then.

I live in the Shenandoah Valley and we’re all scratching our heads. I’m going to have to mow again if this keeps up.


On the flip side, there was snow outside of LA for the first time in a long while, and snow in New Orleans for the first time in over 25 years (don’t remember precisely how long) right before Christmas.

I think this is an El Nino year, which always makes for some interesting weather, especially out west.

Yep, El Nino is at play to some degree probably, though El Nino has been at play since I’ve lived here to one extent or another. What I think is funny is that AccuWeather and the National Weather Service, in their winter forecasts this fall, both predicted a cold and snowy winter in the mid-atlantic. So far they are totally wrong - we have had no snow other than a dusting that didnt really stick, and other then a few weeks in December, temps have been way above average… about 22 above average since New Years and looks like 10 above average at least for the forseeable future.

Up in Toronto, it was -36 Celsius with windshield for a few days in mid-December.

Yesterday it was +2 Celsius, and there was barely any snow. Today it’s barely below 0. I can walk outside with a couple of t-shirts and I’m fine. Definitely not a normal winter… I should be freezing my ass off right now:)

Are you happy now?

Boston - not particularly :P. Sure it got cold, but its been what, a week to 10 days of cold temps? Its just another transient shot of cold, seems like its going to be back above average pretty soon here. As for the snow, well, down here in Williamsburg there was none. The big winter storm was all rain, with some icing and a few flakes at the end as night fell.

The pattern this winter in the mid-atlantic seems to be above average temperatures, with occasional shots of very cold air that dont last long.

Now, some of the forecasters I read disagree that there will be a significant warmup, but weather.com and most other “regular” weather sites are predicting temperatures rising to the upper 50s to low 60s here over the next 10 days. We will have to see who is right!

“Are you happy now?”

No shit…that fuckin’ two weeks of awesome weather (in my opinion, anyway) brought in a shitstorm of a cold front behind it. Fuckin O’. I knew it was too good to be true. This sucks ass…

Okay, I’m done cussing about the weather now.

Yeah, I saw that. I hope they’re right – I can do without the wind-chill sending the temperature into the single digits.

On the other hand though, you’ve already gotten a couple different snow storms, and the temperatures seem to go back and forth between above and below average – which, if you think about it, is what most things do when you force them into some sort of “average” for the purposes of discussion. =-)

And people still insist Global Warming doesn’t exist…

I live in herndon va (when im not in school), and i was home two weeksned ago… the weather was incredible, my mom actually flew to florida and found that the temp at one point was colder down there… crazy

hey man, gotta love the old dominion

[quote]lmjudek wrote:
Up in Toronto, it was -36 Celsius with windshield for a few days in mid-December.


Heh, don’t you mean windCHILL?