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"Virgin Receptors"

I’ve heard this term before, and I’m not sure whether it would be defined as a “bro term”, but I am curious to know if there are such things as “virgin” receptors.

My first cycle consisted of a simple 10 week, Test E, 500 mg / week (250 mg e3.5d), and the results were amazing; gaining around 25 lbs in total. I went from around 165 lbs - low 190s lbs in those 10 weeks. It has also been 2 years since I’ve done that cycle.

So my main question is, should I expect to gain another 25 lbs if I were to run a SECOND cycle of Test E at 500 mg / week, for 10 weeks? (Current Weight is 188 lbs) Or would the Test E not be as effective as my first cycle?

From what I understand it really depends where you are with your body composition. How tall are you and what’s your body fat %? If your 188, around 15% bf and 6’ you will still make some decent gains on 500 p/w. 25 pounds? Maybe not but who knows. Another factor to remember of course is diet, if you aren’t eating enough, you wont be gaining what you want to.

Not sure about this ‘virgin receptors’ idea but I wouldnt over think it. Train hard and eat big and you’ll be fine.

Thanks for your reply, I appreciate it.

I am 5’8, 188 lbs, 13-14% BF. I’m fairly short, so that’s where I’m wondering if I will still make decent gains for my body frame. Anyways, my diet is clean, and I get my macros in most of the time (hard to afford) but generally 500g carbs, 200+ protein, 90-100 g fat

You’ll definitely make decent gains, maybe not 25 pounds but you’ll still do really well if everything else is in check. It’s good that your keeping to test only and not jumping on other drugs. Use the minimum you need to progress.

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I’m blasting currently. 500mg/wk. I’ve done this several times and I gain maybe 5lbs now. I’m also only 5’7" and standing close to 200lbs. When I was younger and cycling I was lighter and gained more. I think the closer you get to pushing past your natural plateau the less you are going to gain. No science here… just a lay mans opinion.

That’s an interesting point you make. So pushing past your natural plateau, does this mean that once you’re off the steroids, you won’t keep a good portion of what you earned? I say this, because I don’t plan to blast and cruise ever as a personal choice, but to rather cycle every now and then. Thanks for your input.

Most of the guys I’ve seen use AAS lost most of their gains when they stop. That’s why many members on here scoff/laugh when a guys says I want to do one cycle. Guys our size, in healthy muscular shape, likely sit between 165-185 lbs. Absent increased test or anabolics your body is going to want to settle in that range. Again, just an opinion based on what I have observed in myself and others. By no means am I saying there are not outliers either.