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Virgin Quad Injection


I pinned my first time ever im my right quad on Monday.
Im using test enanthate 250mg/ml and the BA/bb isnt that bad as I have heard no complaint from vets useing the same UG gear.
I have very little swelling but the pain is rediculous. This is 4 days later and it still hurts to flex.

I have no fever, redness or heat coming from the site and even the pain is on the actually site of injection. Its painful to flex of bend to far at the knee. (The knee doesn't hurt just the outer head of my quad).

I've done hot bath an massaged and taken ibuprofen, aspprin tylonol. I've heard its quite common with popping your cherry on quads but given I've never pinned I have nothing to reference it too. Also I was shaking ALOT when doing it/aspirateing...I would have been better off giving michael j. Fox some MDMA annd let him go to town.

Do I need to worry? I was very sterile through the whole thing and the gear is very reputable. Just 4 days with this is beginning to suck.


wow another sore quad first injection thred on T-Nation. There has to be one a week on here. shaking the needle could be to blame for sure think of the damage you are doing when its in there moving around. That and the fact yor body is not use to having oil pumped into it could be another reason virgin muscle for sure.

Personally I find delts and glutes much better man. I hate sticking a pin in my leg, even a sin pin lol I understand why people do it its real easy to reach for sure


Its not the BB/BA content. Test-e has traces to carboxyl acid, especially alot in UG gear, and is a big problem in Chinese raws. Shoot cyp and you wont have an issue.


here's a tip... don't be a pussy


Considering my welt is 6 days old and about 4 inches across and totally distorting the look of my quad (you can't tell between the outer and middle) I don't consider my self being a pussy. My only concern is that I may be infect or have done damage through moving the pin to much on my FIRST EVER SELF INJECTION. Id rather be over cautious than end up with a gapping hole in my leg.

Look up what a drained abcess looks like. Id rather be a pussy than have one on my quad.


Injections in any new spot can be sore for close to a week. I remember my first quad injection. Over time, the soreness will subside and you won't even be sore after a while. This is completely normal. Oh, and don't be a pussy.


thank you for the reinforcement


I did my first quad injection just yesterday. My new cycle includes front loading so I decided to pin the quads also.

Putting the needle in etc did not hurt a single bit, but about a few minutes after injecting it started hurting. Although hurting is a big word. Today it still feels "stiff", like I trained the quads pretty hard.

It's normal man, get over it. If there is no swelling or so you'll be OK.